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plant-based, vegan ingredients for the best results. Belli Skincare is totally free from harmful chemicals, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, gluten, phthalates, and preservatives.

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    no harmful chemicals, or artificial dyes. all products made with vegan ingredients.

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    100% free of any animal testing or by-product. never tested on animals.

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    dermatologist recommended. safe for all skin types. products formulated to protect your skin barrier.

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skincare Q+A

general skincare

What is the best method for maintaining balanced skin?

The ideal method for maintaining balanced skin is keeping a consistent skincare routine and avoiding harsh chemicals that can strip the skin and create more blemishes. Additionally, a diet rich in water, fresh fruit and vegetables and low in preservatives is also important.

What is the proper order in which to apply skincare?

Ideally skincare should be applied to a clean canvas - i.e. make sure your skin is free of makeup and other things that layer on the skin. I personally use skin care products right after the shower (once I have cooled down) or before bed after washing my face. This way the absorption is ideal and helps penetrate deep into skin layers.

What are the main ingredients every 20-something should make sure are present in their skincare routine?

Sunscreen and moisturizer, vitamin C and E extract. Try Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator for daily and night use on your face.

Is Belli just as effective if you are 20, 30 or 40 and up?

Absolutely! Belli Skincare is specially formulated to work with you as your skin is
changing and therefore addresses a variety of concerns because of the potent actives and clean formulations in the integrity of the ingredients.

How often should we exfoliate our skin? What is the best way to do it?

Exfoliation is ideal 1-3x/week max. I do recommend Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub, make sure you adhere to the recommended weekly use, because it can actually cause more breakouts and damage your skin if you over do it. You want to exfoliate but not strip the skin of necessary balance.

Is it important to moisturize the entire body?

For sure. Just as your face becomes dry the body feels the effects of the elements. Additionally, we often use harsher soaps on the body and sweat in certain areas making the skin more rough and with dry
patches. Moisturizing not only helps maintain body elasticity but
improves skin tone for a more even look.

What are the benefits of caring for your skin on a long term level?

Prevents aging, allows you to utilize less makeup and certainly boosts confidence. Additionally, we see fewer fine lines/wrinkles in women who
take care of their skin regularly.

What are the top things to consider when choosing a skincare line to use?

A skincare line should be made of high quality ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. Skin care lines should also be free of chemicals, paraben preservatives, and dyes. This is extremely important because so much research shows us that chemicals can negatively affect both the outer skin and also or hormonal system. Additionally, using a skincare line that is easy to follow is important, just a few simple steps not 20 things.

Can a skincare really be for all skin types?

All skin can be treated with a product like Belli because it is so effective yet formulated without harsh chemicals and focuses also on re-balancing skin, so it is really ideal for any and almost all skin

acne answers

What tips do you have for women dealing with adult eczema and acne?

Consistent moisturizing with a mild cream is extremely helpful. By moisturizing the skin frequently and consistently the rough patches of eczema and congested pores that can occur with acne are usually eliminated.
Additionally, this helps balance skin's pH and reduces dryness.

Biggest Acne Myth...
The biggest acne myth is that drying out the skin will help clear this up. In fact we know that very dry skin is more prone to acne and continues to produce more blemishes vs properly moisturized skin.If you're very acne prone, how should you treat your skin without completely drying out (especially in the winter)?

The best plan for acne prone skin is to use a mild cleanser, I suggest Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash, followed by a Belli Healthy Glow Hydrator for lightweight effective moisturizing and avoid doing too much to the skin. 

Should I be treating various types of acne, differently?

Hormonal or cystic acne sometimes requires medical interventions in addition to topical skin care regimen so if your acne is painful or you are finding large pimples or lesions that penetrate deep into the skin do not attempt to pop them, simply see your doctor.

What is the best way to minimize acne scarring?

Do not pop acne blemishes. This causes trauma to the skin and creates scarring.

Do stretch mark or scar minimizing creams and treatments really work?

They can often fade the marks but sometimes it takes a while to completely resolve. For the best treatment you want to lightly exfoliate the affected area(s) using Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub 1 to 3 times weekly, but apply Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream twice daily.

Tip: To avoid sun exposure darkening of stretch marks, cover them with a broad spectrum SPF because sun exposure can darken and worsen these scars.

Is there foods or other things I should do or use that will lessen acne?

There is mixed data on this in terms of research studies but some individuals do find that fewer animal products/dairy products can reduce their acne. That being said we have no directly proven this to be the case universally. 

Additionally, things like chocolate, wine, etc. do not automatically cause acne. 

eye area care

What is the best way to eliminate under eye darkness?

Adequate hydration and sleep of course helps from a lifestyle perspective but some darkness is also genetic. Using an eye cream that helps hydrate the skin and can penetrate vitamins deep into the delicate under eye skin is your best non injectible option for improving eye

What creates puffiness under the eyes and how can I treat it best?

As we age the muscles around the eye and the tissue loses elasticity. This can lead to puffiness and mild wrinkling. Consistent use of an eye
cream helps to reduce the visibility of these circles and puffiness.

How often should I apply eye cream on average and is there such a thing as too much product use?

Nightly is the best option for eye cream and this allows it to penetrate while the muscles and skin are relaxed.

pregnancy + skincare

Is your skincare important while pregnant? Why?

Our hormones change throughout pregnancy. Maintaining a proper skincare routine helps keep your skin adapted to the changing facial and body

Are there certain ingredients you should not use while pregnant?

It is best to avoid vitamin A, retinoids, chemicals / preservatives, dyes and fragrances because these can not only irritate sensitive pregnant skin but also negatively impact the hormonal axis in our body and ultimately affect a growing baby.

Is Belli just as effective to use before or after my pregnancy?

What is great about Belli is it is formulated to be idea for use throughout all phases of a woman's life. She can start with the products when trying to conceive and feel confident nothing is affecting her
fertility, use the products throughout pregnancy and continue the same routine with certain added products postpartum and beyond. The formulations in each product allow your skin to extract benefits from the high quality ingredients no matter what stage your skin is in.

Why is it now that I am pregnant I am getting acne?

As pregnancy progresses, levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are all changing. These sometimes rapid shifts in hormone levels that occur in pregnancy often lead to acne and skin changes. We also see that women who have traditionally had dry skin for
example may start to notice oilier skin and vice versa.

I have noticed my skin being dryer since pregnant why and what do you suggest?

Dry skin is important to treat adequately because the lack of moisture can contribute to worsening acne, scarring, and even fine lines. Frequent hydration with a lightweight moisturizer is the best option for
improving skin texture and reducing flakiness and irritation.

Can the wrong skincare really hurt your unborn baby?

Yes, unfortunately. Skin care formulated with harmful chemicals can affect a developing embryo directly by exposing him/her to chemicals and
indirectly by changing the estrogen levels in mom and therefore affecting anatomy development of baby.