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Apr 05, 2018 by Delaney
Savior for my skin!
I have psoriasis so using products on my skin is often scary. This face wash actually does not irritate me & definitely reduces my breakouts. People always tell me im glowing after I use it!
Apr 01, 2018 by Kelsey
So far
I have only had this product for a week but I am excited to continue using it throughout my pregnancy. It smells so amazing.
Mar 31, 2018 by Meg
Acne bundle
Since coming off birth control to start trying to get pregnant my acne became out of control. After using the acne bundle the first night I woke up and I had no new breakouts and the redness disappeared. It is fantastic to know these products are safe but even better that they WORK!
Mar 26, 2018 by Jay
Returning satisfied customer
I like the acne face wash and spot treatment, so I'm a returning customer on those products. I decided to add the belly oil and lotion kit as well (in the beginning of my second trimester) and I'm glad I did! I enjoy those products and will continue to use them throughout my pregnancy!
Mar 25, 2018 by Wendi
Love the products!!!!
I use the anti-blemish facewash and Belli oil! Love them both! Hope to ward off any new stretch marks during this pregnancy by using the Belli oil!!!
Mar 13, 2018 by Katie
Belli Elasticity Oil - Love!
I started using this product when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. I use it every night before bed and some mornings as well. The oil lasts a long time (3 months) and I use quite a bit (up to 10 pumps per use). So far, no stretch marks!

The scent is really nice too! I was worried it would be really strong and my husband can be sensitive to that, but he loves it :)
Mar 11, 2018 by Angela
"Thanks Belli for making it easier"
As an Esthetician, I did some serious research before purchasing anything for my crazy pregnancy skin. When I found Belli, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be the right choice. But I hooked. I ended up buying so much more than the cleanser once I saw how well my skin was doing. I recommend this regularly for all my pregnancy sisters. It’s difficult when you have to re learn how to handle this “new” skin you are in. Thanks Belli for making it easier.
Mar 09, 2018 by
Jan 29, 2018 by Melissa
Belli oil
Iâ??m not even preg, but had some stretch marks; hips, glutes, breasts. Was looking for something. Wow this works. Iâ??m hooked. My guy friends got on it for the same. Use lots. They come off. Mine were the white silver kind. And almost gone.
Jan 24, 2018 by Nicole
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From the prep to the body wash and moisturizer, this trio is a must have!
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