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Stretchmark Minimizing Cream Reviews

See why Customers Love Belli Skincare's Stretchmark Minimizing Cream

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19 January, 2019

Ixhon A. – Review provided by

19 January, 2019

I’ve read good reviews on this product. I bought it for my wife since we are expecting our first child. She loves it and although it’s only been three months we hope to see good results. The only downside is the quantity, it seems that twice a day applications would stretch the bottle to about two weeks or so. As far as the oil quality: it does not leave an oily residue after applications. The skin seems to absorb it within a few minutes. It smells great and doesn’t stain your clothes (again this is based only on a tiny 3 month bump). In order to protect your skin from stretch marks you have to invest in good quality products. Not all skins are the same so if this works for you, great if it didn’t then keep looking.

Love this stuff – 27 February, 2018

A Woo – Review provided by

27 February, 2018

I bought this just as soon as I started to put on baby weight. I researched several brands and even tho this was the most expensive, it is so worth the purchase! It's only for 8-9 months, not something you will want to use everyday for the rest of your life, so splurge and buy this! I use two-three pumps morning and night and rub over my belly, hips, bottom and chest. I have not seen one stretch mark! I am currently 24 weeks and still have a ways to go, but I'm very pleased with the product! I don't personally care for the smell.. it isn't awful, I just prefer sweet smells and this has more of a eucalyptus kind of smell (sort of, don't know how else to describe it). But again, the smell isn't bad, just not what I prefer.

Love how fresh it smells and feels great – 25 February, 2015

sunsgirl – Review provided by

25 February, 2015

I've only used this for about a couple of weeks and I can already tell how much softer my skin is. That actually makes the stretchmarks less visible. I'm pretty impressed with the fast performance. My husband also noticed how soft my skin was and committed on it. In addition I have a scar in the area I was applying it and I can see that softening and looking less prominent as well. That's something I wasn't expecting, but an added bonus.

This reviewer is employed by or its affiliate and receives free product in exchange for providing his/her opinion on products sold on the™ webpage. Although this reviewer maintains an endorser/advertiser relationship with™, this review represents his/her honest opinions, findings, and/or experiences.

For those of you with sensitive pregnancy sniffers beware! – 1 December, 2015

– Review provided by

1 December, 2015

I can't speak to how well this product works as I have only been using it a short time, I am early in my pregnancy therefore I cannot tell how this works on stretch marks. I will say for this being a product for pregnant women it sure does smell awfully strong. Some days I can't stomach using it because the smell stays with me. It's a lovely smell don't get me wrong, and I haven't even had morning sickness but the strength of the smell is so bothersome I don't want to put it on which is a bummer because I'm sure it does help if you use it properly.

It really works! – 25 February, 2018

Samantha E. – Review provided by

25 February, 2018

I have purchased at least 6 or 7 bottles of this throughout my pregnancy, and I religiously used it morning and night! After hearing “if your mom got stretch marks, you most likely will too” it was disheartening. BUT, after reading others reviews, I gave this a try and 9 months later...No stretch marks!!! I am a first time mom, 25 years old, and my pre pregnancy weight was 111 lbs. At my babies birth I weighed 148 lbs, I was 4 days overdue, and he weighed 7lbs 7 ozs. Buying this product was one of the wisest choices I made while I was pregnant! I would highly recommend, you have nothing to loose!

Still no Stretch marks! – 19 June, 2017

Kellie K. – Review provided by

19 June, 2017

I started using this product at 20 weeks and now at 32 weeks I still have not experienced any stretch marks. My stomach has doubled in size this past two weeks. They say stretch marks are genetic so with my family I am more susceptible to getting them but so far so good! I use this product at least twice a day. It feels great and smells great! At first it seemed like I needed to use a lot of the product to saturate my entire belly and hips. But once I used it for a few days I didn’t require as much. I still have a good amount in the bottle considering I use it often. I will update as I keep growing :)



Would buy over and over!
 – 26 June, 2018

Jordan – Review provided by

26 June, 2018

I have been using this cream for 2 weeks now once or twice a day every day and I can already see my stretch marks fading. The scent doesnt linger nor is it a bad smell. It absorbs into the skin very nicely and makes all the itchiness go away. I am 5 months pregnant and have been using this during my pregnancy.

Smells great! – 2 August, 2017

ANA C. – Review provided by

2 August, 2017

I like lavender so I love the smell of this product!
Started using it a couple of weeks ago on my pregnant belly, and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. I only have a couple very light strech marks from 2 previous pregnancies but nothing new with this one, and its too early to tell if it'll improve the appearance of old ones.
I love it because of the smell and knowing that my skin is hydrated.

Pricey But Relatively Effective – 10 May, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

10 May, 2017

I'm almost to the end of my first tube - started using it soon after I got home from the hospital with my baby at least once a day, sometimes twice. The lines in some places seem to be a little less defined, but other places (like my hips) it doesn't seem like it's done much of anything at all. Goes on smooth, pleasant smell and doesn't leave you feeling greasy though! Seems expensive for what you get though. Not sure if I'll get another tube or not yet.

Love it! – 20 November, 2016

Cara Y. – Review provided by

20 November, 2016

I really like this product. My sister used it during both of her pregnancies and did not get a single stretch mark. While I am not far enough along to judge how it will affect my stretchmarks, I love the smell and how well it absorbs into the skin. I gave it 4 stars for the simple reason that I don't know how long a single bottle will last for the price. I find that I have to use several pumps to moisturize each part of my body (chest, belly, hips, thighs). All in all I would say it is a great moisturizer.



A Must-Have! – 22 March, 2013

– Review provided by

22 March, 2013

I began using this product towards the end of my first trimester, when my baby bump was quite small. To this day, I use it religiously every morning and evening; I am now in my third trimester (27 weeks/6 month) and NO STRETCHMARKS yet!

Everyone's bodies and genes are obviously different; my mother had 5 kids and barely has any stretch marks. This is my first baby and I've already gained 25 lbs, and my stomach has grown from every angle possible but I truly believe this product that I use has prevented the stretchmarks from coming at this stage (and hopefully from coming at all!). I'll update this review or add another one after I have my baby in June.

Amazing product! – 2 February, 2018

Paula E. – Review provided by

2 February, 2018

Used this product during my first pregnancy and it was great. It helped keep my skin moisturized and give me the elasticity I need to not get any stretch marks. Everyone I know that used this product throughout pregnancy did not get any stretch marks. I recommend this to every expecting mom.

Great Purchase!!! – 25 October, 2011

Josephine88 – Review provided by

25 October, 2011

Although I am not a mother, I have recently come across Belli Products online and tried several of their products for myself-- which I absolutely Loveee!!! I am extremely into keeping up the apperance of my skin, and their products leave me mositurized and glowing!! My best friend just recently had her first child and she acquired stretchmarks in the process. For her "Sip and See" I purchased Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream, and put it in with the other gifts I had purchased for her and baby. Since the "Sip and See", she has called to tell me that shes been consistently applying it to her stretchmarks and has seen a difference in the apperance of her skin--more so than any of the other products shes utilized thus far (and this girl is a product conoissuer).It made me feel really good to know that I purchased her a product that not only proved to show a noticeable difference, but also a product that has potentially boosted her self-esteem. Hearing how happy she was with the product (my gift/purchase) simply made my day! Id definitely recommend Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Creme to anyone looking for a useful gift that their friends will love (come on people...diapers are great, but mom needs some loving too) and/or anyone who wants to minimize the apperance of their stretchmarks-- Belli is beneficial to us all. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this line!!! 

Must have product – 8 July, 2016

Sarah – Review provided by

8 July, 2016

I love this product I used it morning and night it helps prevent stretch marks. This was my first child and I did not get any stretch marks even though my mom had three children and she's covered in them. I highly recommend this product the smell is very soothing as well.



Good Enough
 – 25 February, 2011

mellowship – Review provided by

25 February, 2011

I have some really deep stretch marks from rapid weight gain and loss when I was a kid, and I've been looking for something to help fade it for awhile. I applied this twice a day. I did notice some fading after a month, that's also about how long it took me to finish the bottle, so I'm not sure this is the best cream considering the price. I did notice that if I missed a day or two the stretch marks seemed to get worse again. The cream says it reduces stretch marks but I felt like the results weren't permanent. Perhaps, six weeks wasn't long enough considering how old my stretch marks were.I found applying it right after a shower while my skin was still wet, gave me better results as the moisture helped it absorb more.Also, I have sensitive skin and this seemed to irritate it ... more »

Skin Feels Softer – 3 March, 2015

JJ – Review provided by

3 March, 2015

This product makes my skin feel pretty soft and you don't have to wait that long after use to feel the results. It's also not too greasy, and it smells good. I'd recommend it.

This reviewer is employed by or its affiliate and receives free product in exchange for providing his/her opinion on products sold on the™ webpage. Although this reviewer maintains an endorser/advertiser relationship with™, this review represents his/her honest opinions, findings, and/or experiences.

Actually helps to reduce strechmarks – 11 March, 2019

Mariah – Review provided by

11 March, 2019

I'm not even 2 weeks postpartum; I've been using this in combination with derma e scar gel morning and evening on my belly and it's already starting to reduce the dark color and size of my stretch Mark's! Very happy with the results!

Miracle spot treatment! – 16 June, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

16 June, 2016

I'm so happy to have found a non toxic but effective blemish spot treatment. I didn't know it would be possible but ever since becoming pregnant it's been very important to me to use non toxic products in all aspects of my daily life. Unfortunately one of the pregnancy symptoms I have experience are some breakouts but thankfully this product has helped to get my skin clear again.


Finally some relief for itchy belly!
 – 16 March, 2010

marcyartsy – Review provided by

16 March, 2010

I struggled with sudden itchy red bumps all over my thighs, belly, arms, and chest in my 2nd month of pregnancy (pregnancy Eczema maybe but I never saw the dermatologist), and I tried every kind of Aveeno oatmeal product and then every kind of Palmer's product with only slight relief. I couldn't even wear those over-the-belly pants. My O.B. recommended steroid creams and benadryl, but I don't like using those and I could imagine smearing that stuff all over me every day. I heard about Belli Skincare on the Pregtastic Podcast, and so I ordered some right away. I use it generously twice a day, and finally the itchiness is going away! I use a 4oz. bottle in a month, which gets expensive, but at least I don't have to see the dermatologist, and I don't have to worry about using drugs. The lavender scent is strong, but I find it soothing. It is not too greasy for me. I rub it into my hands rather than washing them. I also use the body lotion. 



22 January, 2019

Ashley A. – Review provided by

22 January, 2019

So far I haven’t. Priced any drastic changes but I won’t know how it’s been working until after the baby is born. However, I’ve noticed my belly has been super itchy! It’s most likely from the baby growing but this should be moisturizing and I don’t feel like it is.


2nd Tri test – 12 February, 2018



20 January, 2019

Caitlin S. – Review provided by

20 January, 2019

This stuff is amazing! I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and continue to lather it on every couple days in all the areas of concerns and have not noticed any stretch marks. It does not leave a sticky, oily residue and smells like lavender essential oil!



Love – 10 February, 2018

Aliza C. – Review provided by

10 February, 2018

This smells so good and goes on nice and easy. It provides great moisturization. I am 20 weeks pregnant and have been using this for most of my pregnancy and haven’t noticed any stretch marks yet. I bought two more bottles for when I run out!





37 weeks and no stretch marks! – 23 March, 2018

Hillary B. – Review provided by

23 March, 2018

My mom and sister both had stretch marks but I've been using this daily from the start and love how light and nourishing it is. Smells great too. I have super dry and sensitive skin and this works amazingly well!




15 December, 2018

Tia S. – Review provided by

15 December, 2018

Great at keeping your skin really moisturized and soft but it doesn’t really help with stretch marks it doesn’t reduce them or prevent them it just soothes the itching that’s associated with stretch marks.



This product works – 23 February, 2015

NTW62 – Review provided by Bed Bath & Beyond

23 February, 2015

During my daughter second pregnancy; I brought her Belli Stretchmark cream and we were amazed at the appearance of her stretch marks. they looked smaller. The stretchmark's did no disappear, but they seem to have blended into her skin. Her stretchmark REALLY seem to get smaller. This stretch mark cream is a keeper



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Pradip HP – Review provided by

12 October, 2016

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Best stuff ever!! – 4 September, 2016

Whitney D. – Review provided by

4 September, 2016

I swear by this oil. I'm on my third pregnancy and this stuff is magic. I recommend it to every pregnant woman I know and they swear by it too! The only drawback is the smell. I have a super sensitive nose but hey, I'll take the smell for stretch mark-free skin any day!



I love this product
 – 19 April, 2012

Jones – Review provided by

19 April, 2012

I love this product, I use it before a bath and/or after the shower. It is incredibly moisturizing and has really helped with itching skin. I am in the middle of my pregnancy (5 months) so I can not attest to prevention of stretch marks, but so far I have not gotten any (knock on wood) and I have been using the product for about 6 weeks. I love the smell and it does not leave you feeling too slippery as it absorbs very well.

Love it so far! – 11 July, 2017

Mathew B. – Review provided by

11 July, 2017

I just recieved mine today and used it twice and feel like I'm obsessed already! Feels hreat, smells amazing and absorbs really nice! I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I've also been an esthetician for 21 years and love my skincare products! This stuff gets an A+ in my book!

Anonymous's review – 24 December, 2015

– Review provided by

24 December, 2015

Bought this product for a baby shower gift a couple years ago and while at a girls night she was raving about how good it was to another friend who is about to have a baby. The fact that all the ingredients are few and safe, this is a awesome product for todays chemical filled market.

Maggie's review – 21 April, 2016

– Review provided by

21 April, 2016

I am eight months pregnant and have been using it for five months, after checking the EWG Skin Deep database (I try to use more natural/ non-toxic products ever since I found out I was pregnant). No signs of stretchmarks so far. Overall very happy, as it does not leave skin with an "oily" smell and sticky sensation like other products I tried.

Amazing Products – 10 May, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

10 May, 2016

Love all of the Belli products and they work very well. I have very oily skin and through my pregnancy I have been able to control the acne on my face and keep my belly from getting stretch marks. I would definitely recommend these products!

Excellent Product – 3 December, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

3 December, 2017

I'm 7 months pregnant and am terrified of getting stretch marks. This is my second child and was able to get away without getting any the first time around. So far this product has been fantastic. Non greasy, nourishing and great smell!


It works!!! – 14 January, 2019

Zulie – Review provided by

14 January, 2019

I absolutely love this product. I use it morning and night on my belly and lower back. I started using it when I was 5 weeks pregnant, I'm now almost 6 months and have no stretch marks. I highly recommended it.

Smells amazing – 10 November, 2017

Aimee T. – Review provided by

10 November, 2017

Have been using this stuff for a couple of weeks and so far really enjoying it. Too soon to tell if there is any effect on avoiding stretch marks but honestly the smell is enough for me to keep using. So relaxing.


It works good
 – 19 January, 2018

tay – Review provided by

19 January, 2018

I've been applying it twice a day morning and night how it says to do so for 4 weeks. 2 weeks in and I see results already. I love it. can't wait too see the final results. of course I'm going too keep buying it till I reach my results desired which I don't mind because you actually see the results.



Anonymous's review – 28 March, 2016

– Review provided by

28 March, 2016

I love this product. My stretch marks faded when using this in my last trimester. It smells amazing and feels great! I have very sensitive skin and had no itching or reaction after using this. It helped ease any itchy skin.


So Far So Good! – 20 November, 2017

Kendall H. – Review provided by

20 November, 2017

I am still early into my pregnancy (17 weeks) and got this product to start as part of my regular regimen. The smell is amazing! I am loving the product so far and how moisturized it makes my skin feel!


So far, so good! – 2 March, 2018

Erica R. – Review provided by

2 March, 2018

Skin feels moisturized and supple. I've read that stretch marks are genetic. I started apply this at week 8 and I'm on week 20 now. So far I haven't gotten any stretch marks. Fingers crossed!


Amazing !!! – 7 April, 2016

– Review provided by

7 April, 2016

I've been meaning to write this review for awhile now, but my life has been rather busy. I delivered twins on 10/27/15 ! When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was absolutely elated and also very nervous ! A friend of mine recommended this product because it had worked so well for her. I started my pregnancy at 115 lbs and ended at 160lbs with NO stretch marks!!!! I highly recommend this product!



Unbelievable – 1 June, 2009

Gigs – Review provided by

1 June, 2009

I've never had children, but I recently lost around 40 pounds, which brought out stretch marks that I never even knew I had. My marks became grooves and needless to say really depressed me. I tried this product on a whim and I'm amazed. The stretch marks aren't completely gone, probably never will be, but the grooves are gone and all I have left are very faint lines. I'm buying my second tube now, and have recommended this product to everyone I know that talks about hating their stretch marks. I even told my dermatologist to start telling her patients about it.

Not a miracle, but it works – 30 September, 2010

stellabella – Review provided by

30 September, 2010

I have tried other products, such as Bio Oil, to reduce the appearance of deep stretch marks on my chest. Nothing has worked in the slightest. Based upon other reviews here I decided to try the Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream. After using it daily for nearly 2 months I have noticed a significant improvement. The fragrance is lovely too. It seems a bit expensive, but it's a generous tube, and you need only use a little per application.

GOLD!! – 11 October, 2017

Marlene – Review provided by

11 October, 2017

I'm a FTM now 28 weeks and not a single stretch mark. I've been using it religiously since week 14 and I still have some product left. Just ordered my second bottle! Absolutely in love. Not to mention their customer service is amazing. Thank you for being so attentive and helpful.



Love it!! – 23 January, 2011

Shygal11 – Review provided by

23 January, 2011

I have been using this cream for about 2 and a half weeks now and I can already see a BIG difference. My stretch marks (from my pregnancy in 2007) are already fading! Plus the lotion seems to be helping firm up my tummy along with minimizing my stretch marks. Like other users this is not a cure...but it is absolutely wonderful how improved my stomach looks, I think by this summer I will be 2 piece swim suit ready. If you have a little extra skin from that pregnancy that wont tighten up... I would also recommend getting a skin firming product to go with this regimen. Well Ill let everyone know the final results after I have used the product longer!!


Great results – 23 June, 2017

Erin – Review provided by

23 June, 2017

I use every day on my stretch marks on my legs, and i definitely saw improvement. I've actually gotten a couple of my friends to buy it because of my good results.



Love this product!!! – 10 December, 2016

Wanjarus R. – Review provided by

10 December, 2016

I love this great product. I used it everyday for my first pregnancy. I had just only few stretch mark which fade away by time. With confident of product's safety, I would definitely use it again for my second bump. Love you!



Repeat purchase
 – 10 July, 2017

Anna G. – Review provided by

10 July, 2017

I'm five and a half months pregnant and no stretch marks, no itchy skin, no tightness and no discomfort with the growing belly and it smells wonderful!! I plan to keep buying these products even after I have the baby.

Not sure – 7 January, 2013

Rosieposie – Review provided by

7 January, 2013

I've been using this product but still managed to get stretch marks around the beginning of the third trimester . I didn't use it consistently during the first trimester because the smell made me nauseous.... I still hate the smell, i wish it was scent free, but I use it because I don't want to waste $39 and I figure its better than nothing. The spray is horrible... it gets everywhere. I ended not even using it as a spray, instead I take off the cap each time and pour it on my hand and apply to the belly.


Worth it! – 16 June, 2009

SR – Review provided by

16 June, 2009

I use this product every morning when I get out of the shower. I love that it does not contain harmful ingredients and it absorbs nicely into your skin. It never makes my clothes or bras greasy. The smell is great! I am near the end of my 7th month and there are no signs of any stretch marks on my stomach. Word of advice though, start using this as early as possible on your breasts! I wish I had!

It may be a bit "pricey" for some, but it's definitely worth it and 2 bottles of this is more than enough to get you through the entire 9 months of pregnancy.


Great Product!! – 24 May, 2016

Donna C. – Review provided by

24 May, 2016

I am a first time expecting mom, and really wanted to avoid stretch marks. I received a sample of this in my Buy Buy Baby bag that I got when I registered for my baby shower, and I instantly lovedddd this. I love the smell and it has done its job so far, I am 39 weeks pregnant! Great product I highly recommend!!!


Smells good and not too greasy – 23 March, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

23 March, 2017

I love the smell of this and I love that it's not too greasy. The only thing I don't love is I feel like I'm using ten pumps of it every morning and the bottle will not last long at all.


Fantastic – 13 June, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

13 June, 2016

I have used Belli both when I was expecting and before, it's provided my sensitive skin with the perfect power of cleansing! No red patches afterward and my skin always feels refreshed!


Love the scent & looking great at 33 wks – 13 October, 2011

momtobe – Review provided by

13 October, 2011

Love this product! The scent is so amazing, feels luxurious! Every night my husband rubs this on my belly & hips, gives him a chance to touch the baby too! I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant & have no issues with itchy skin on my belly. I also have no stretchmarks.



AMAZING – 9 March, 2009

dg – Review provided by

9 March, 2009

I began using this product very early on in my pregnancy. I did NOT want stretch marks. I went through 2 bottles and it was very worth it. I know this product is a bit expensive, especially with the economy, however, you do get what you pay for. After having my baby boy, not one stretch mark in sight--seriously, not one. I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy and my baby weighed 8 lbs. and not one stretch mark. I highly recommend this product, even though it is a bit expensive.

Best stuff ever – 9 May, 2016

FELICIA E. – Review provided by

9 May, 2016

I already had stretch marks before pregnancy and when I first found out I was pregnant I ordered it. I kept growing but my stretch marks stayed the same it seriously saved my skin from getting any worse!

So far so good :) – 5 November, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

5 November, 2016

So far so good :) I got this as a gift originally and have been using it ever since (3ish months). This is my first pregnancy and still no stretchies - I still have two months to go so really it might be too early to tell. I will report back at the end of my pregnancy :)

PS. I love the way this smells. It is so calming!

So far so good – 19 December, 2016

Kendra J. – Review provided by

19 December, 2016

I have only been using this for a few weeks. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I can say it feels and smells really nice. Keeps my skin soft and moisturizer. I will be purchasing more for the coming months.

Really works! – 28 February, 2014

AG – Review provided by

28 February, 2014

I used this everyday, morning and night, throughout my pregnancy. I'm a small girl, gained 42lbs, and didn't get one stretch mark!! This stuff seriously works! I would reccomend rubbing it everywhere that's growing (belly, legs, breasts). Also, the natural smell is really soothing.


A lovely product, but still stretchmarks – 11 September, 2008

Serine, new mum – Review provided by

11 September, 2008

I really enjoyed this product. The scent is very nice, mostly lavender and it absorbs nicely into your skin and makes it very soft. I am still using it after the baby is here. I'm not sure if it reduced the number of stretchmarks I got, they didn't appear until month eight, but I got a lot, even diligently using this product 2+ times a day. All in all it's very nice and feels very good and pampering and it's fantastic that it doesn't have any bad or dangerous ingredients, but don't plan to be stretch mark free using it.



Great so far – 26 December, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

26 December, 2017

It smells great, and leaves skin very soft. I am still in the earlier stages of pregnancy so I am not sure if it works for preventing stretch marks though.



Jacklynn's review
 – 15 April, 2016

– Review provided by

15 April, 2016

I am 7 months pregnant and started using this about a month ago and so far have no stretch marks. It's a spray form so it's easy to apply, but takes awhile to absorb into your skin.

I see a difference! – 10 October, 2012

ErickaF – Review provided by

10 October, 2012

I have tried everything. This actually works, to my amazement. Slow to see improvements though.I have stretch marks for long time, over a decade and I am seeing fading. Been using only one month now though. I am happy. I have seen improvements. I know they won't go away entirely but at least they are getting lighter. I can actually wear a bathing suit now for next Summer...yippeee!!!The price is expensive though. The only negative. But its worth it.


Tried and True – 12 October, 2017

Kim E. – Review provided by

12 October, 2017

I used this religiously for my first pregnancy and bought again for my second pregnancy. Makes my skin super moisturized and with the 1st pregnancy got ZERO stretch marks. I hope this time around I will get the same results!!!

Great but no more baby products at store – 1 June, 2013

Spike – Review provided by

1 June, 2013

This product was great. I started using after an allergic reaction to palmers. Smells fantastic and is easy to apply. Unfortunately
My local store discontinued all the premium baby products (belli, mustela, California baby etc.). I guess I will have shop somewhere else

SADIE's review – 23 January, 2016

– Review provided by

23 January, 2016

Repurchasing! So far, great! I LOVE the smell, like I can't stop and it feels really nice and relaxing. it is a little pricey seeing I almost am going through one bottle in less than a month. It came highly recommended tough, and so far I can see why.

AMAZING--My Skin Looks Flawless – 24 November, 2010

JJ – Review provided by

24 November, 2010

My doctor recommended this product and I am so pleased with the results. I used the product through out my preganncy and have not gotten any stretchmarks. It smells amazing and seems to have even out my skin tone and improved the appearance of my skin. I love this product!


Great so far! – 22 April, 2017

Marcie E. – Review provided by

22 April, 2017

I'm only 9 weeks along and I think it's great so far. It doesn't feel too greasy and the smell doesn't interfere with my morning sickness which is a huge plus. Very fresh, lavender smell


Only used a few days & already seeing results!!
 – 2 March, 2018

Erin – Review provided by

2 March, 2018

I apply it as directed & before using my waist trainer & I can't wait to see how my stomach looks in a few months!


The Best – 23 August, 2017

jasmine j. – Review provided by

23 August, 2017

I use this cream twice a day and it lightens my stretch marks. The cream is easy to put on, not too thick or oily, soaks right into my skin and smells amazing.

Best Product Out There – 26 March, 2016

– Review provided by

26 March, 2016

Both myself and 3 friends used cream this starting in the first trimester of pregnancy, twice a say. We are all over 30 years old and NONE of us were left with a single stretchmark.


Anonymous's review – 6 February, 2016

– Review provided by

6 February, 2016

This is my second pregnancy and I'm stocking up on this! I started early in my second trimester and applied this product on my belly and hips every night and I think it played a huge role in not getting stretch marks last round :)



Makes Skin So Soft!
 – 4 April, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

4 April, 2017

I'm in love with my skin since trying Belli Skincare, my skin has never looked so clear and felt so soft. I will continue to use even after pregnancy!


Very good – 7 March, 2018

Junjian L. – Review provided by

7 March, 2018

I use this about one month every day twice, is was really work for me , I have two kids , when they were born both 9b, I have big stretchmark, I used this only one bottle, my skin smooth much better, it is worth every penny


My dermatologist had recommended the – 13 May, 2016

Alison E. – Review provided by

13 May, 2016

My dermatologist had recommended the Belli face wash, so I decided to try out a few other products. Now on my second bottle of Belly Oil. Love it.


So far so good – 25 January, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

25 January, 2017

It's feels great, soothing, relaxing and it drys quickly with no greasy feeling after applying just soft smooth skin I'm excited to see if it helps keep stretch marks away


I love this product. – 3 February, 2013

Becca – Review provided by

3 February, 2013

I used this product during my pregnancy and it made by skin so soft and smelled wonderful. I continued to use it after I had my daughter. It makes my skin feel so nice and it smells wonderful.


Phoebe – 31 August, 2016

Yi H. – Review provided by

31 August, 2016

It's really great. It's Belly oil, but not oily at all. It's summer, and my skin is usually not dry, but not this year. My belly is dry and itchy, but the next day after I used it, no more itchy...wonderful


Worth Every Penny – 28 September, 2008

Trashley – Review provided by

28 September, 2008

I used this product through the last 6 months of my pregnancy and I NEVER got a single stretch mark. This product smelled much better than competitor's products and remains oily for about 5 minutes even when you rub it in well, so make sure you apply it well before you put your clothes on. I loved this product so much I have bought a bottle for all of my pregnant friends.


Great product!
 – 29 September, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

29 September, 2016

Have only been using this product for a couple weeks and already am loving it! It's calming smell makes me feel like I'm treating myself each day!


Excellent product – 29 December, 2016

Glenesha A. – Review provided by

29 December, 2016

I bought this stretchmark minimizing cream and it really works. I had a few strethchmarks on my hips and they are now gone. Definitely recommending this cream. It works!!!


Almost perfect – 28 June, 2010

mrsjtmiller – Review provided by

28 June, 2010

I started using this before I even started to show with my first pregnancy. I was very diligent and really did LOVE it. I did, however, get a few minor stretch marks on my bum (yes, I used it there...). That said, I think I should also note that my son is 7.5 months old and they have almost completely disappeared! While I'm pretty sure stretch marks have more to do with genetics, I think this really did help my skin with all those changes!


Awesome product from Belli – 20 August, 2017

Dajun Y. – Review provided by

20 August, 2017

Thanks to Belli, which is so awesome in my life. I even introduce all products I used to all my friends, it has really brought us beauty, confidence and happiness.



No stretch marks – 14 April, 2016

– Review provided by

14 April, 2016

I used this last year for my first pregnancy from 4 weeks pregnancy twice a day, and don't have one stretch mark on stomach, am buying for my sister who is expecting. Love it.



So far so good – 3 August, 2017

Jaimee S. – Review provided by

3 August, 2017

I still have 3 months left but no signs of stretch marks. It absorbs better than some other oils so it doesn't stain your clothes.

Smells good, feel good – 13 September, 2017

Erica B. – Review provided by

13 September, 2017

Love the smell and the feeling. Is oily and unsure if it will stain shirts and pants so I wear a cami underneath my shirts


Great product, nice spray ... – 5 April, 2008

Anonymous – Review provided by

5 April, 2008

Great product, nice spray application, smells nice, and keeps skin elastic. I'm not crazy about feeling greasy so I use it mostly at bedtime under a cotton nightgown, but also recently realized if I put a little on damp skin right after a shower, I don't need to use as much and can wear it during the day. I would recommend this product to any expectant mom!



THE Best Stretchmark Cream I've Used
 – 9 August, 2010

Gwenness – Review provided by

9 August, 2010

This cream is really, really great. It smells wonderful, absorbs quickly, and it actually works! I've tried many other stretch mark cream, most of them are much more expensive, but none of them compare to the Belli cream.

Stretch mark cream – 27 May, 2016

Anthony T. – Review provided by

27 May, 2016

I love the silky feel and it has seemed to deminish the appearance of the marks. Baby only a weak old but my belly is a lot tighter! Very happy!

Great scent, light and effective! – 26 June, 2017

Allison L. – Review provided by

26 June, 2017

I've tried several products and this one has a great scent (not too strong), is light weight, and keeps my skin moisturized all day!


Great product! I haven't been – 27 April, 2017

Kaitlin C. – Review provided by

27 April, 2017

Great product! I haven't been using it too long (I'm only 13wks) but it is really moisturizing! My doctor highly recommended this product in order to help prevent stretch marks...hopefully it works!!!



Seems to work! – 28 December, 2016

Michael W. – Review provided by

28 December, 2016

Started using at 12 weeks pregnant with twins. Now, at 22 weeks, still no sign of stretch marks!



So Far So Good
 – 5 May, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

5 May, 2017

I'm in week 30 and have been enjoying the Belli Oil. So far no stretch marks and I love the smell. Hopefully this continues to work!


Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream – 21 January, 2018

Yawei – Review provided by

21 January, 2018

This one is really useful. I used it for a week and the skin has obviously improved. Should have used it earlier


Works great! – 3 September, 2016

TONI C. – Review provided by

3 September, 2016

Its just perfect for expecting moms and i guess for husbands whose having some bad breakouts too!works wonder for my husband's blemishes!=)


Wonderful product – 1 August, 2016

Lindsey B. – Review provided by

1 August, 2016

I used this my entire first pregnancy and again now during my second. It really works and I love the smell!! Would recommend it to any expecting mother.



 – 26 May, 2017

Jessica R. – Review provided by

26 May, 2017

I love the feel and smell of this product. I'm 20 weeks pregnant now, and so far no stretch marks. I hope it stays that way.

Love this product – 28 January, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

28 January, 2018

Have used this thru 2 pregnancies and have minimal stretch marks!

love this stuff – 24 April, 2014

Meg – Review provided by

24 April, 2014

I have used this stuff religiously with both my pregnancies, and no stretch marks yet!


love this stuff – 24 April, 2014

Meg – Review provided by

24 April, 2014

I have used this stuff religiously with both my pregnancies, and no stretch marks yet!



I used started using this ... – 20 August, 2007

Jessica – Review provided by

20 August, 2007

I used started using this product everyday after my morning shower; all over belly and chest. I never got any stretch marks! I know they say it's either going to happen or not and that you can't control it, but I'd like to think that this product helped. If anything, it smells great and tamed my itchy belly!


Great product! – 28 March, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

28 March, 2018

I love this product. I’ve been using it since very early in my pregnancy and at 29 weeks still don’t have any stretch marks!



Loved it
 – 4 April, 2016

– Review provided by

4 April, 2016

I had my baby 6 weeks ago and using this product twice a day and have no stretch marks on my stomach, will be buying some for my sister who is expecting

I would buy this product again and again – 2 September, 2010

sweetpea0676 – Review provided by

2 September, 2010

I'm a 1st time mom and was very concerned about itchy skin & stretch marks. After review of a hand full of other products decided to try this one out... .... LOVE IT!! i'm on my fourth bottle and in between had tried a diff brand (as it was cheaper) but was not happy with it. Deff a very good product even if a little pricy!

On my 2nd bottle and I'm addicted! – 7 July, 2009

princessdi – Review provided by

7 July, 2009

Not a single stretch mark.... and is very therapeutic when using it to massage my belly. Kept my skin moisturized that it hardly itches. It also helped to lighten old stretch marks on my thighs from long time ago.The only trade off...all my cotton tees and shorts smell of oil... then again.. maybe moderation should have been observed! But it's addictive! :)

18 January, 2019

Lizzy P. – Review provided by

18 January, 2019

Very hydrating. Easily applied. The mixture of the different scented oils smells amazing.

Stretch marks – 5 May, 2016

Sheri L. – Review provided by

5 May, 2016

Being pregnant, I am worried about stretch marks. The product has done great so far, but I am only 6 months.


Love it! – 4 May, 2016

Becca a. – Review provided by

4 May, 2016

I am a big fan of the belli products. I bought most of them and its great for my dry skin. I love the smell of it too.


Simply The Best – 16 March, 2009

Kat – Review provided by

16 March, 2009

Don't let the price scare you: 2 bottles will get you through 9 months beautifully! I am in my ninth month and don't have a single stretch mark. This is a miracle because I have stretch marks all over my hips and thighs from puberty!! Thank heaven for Belli Oil!


Not too oily! – 22 February, 2017

Lekshmi S. – Review provided by

22 February, 2017

I like the smell texture of this light silky oil. Haven't seen a stretch mark yet but it's still early!


Easy to apply on dry skin – 25 November, 2017

Tingting C. – Review provided by

25 November, 2017

Good smell and easy to apply on dry skin, and it keeps my skin moisture for almost all day long


Amazing – 4 May, 2016

Lauren C. – Review provided by

4 May, 2016

This product truly works and smells amazing. It is not greasy and leaves your skin feeling soft.



first time
 – 5 December, 2016

Yvette P. – Review provided by

5 December, 2016

First time trying this, but so far so good. The smell is descent and not over powering. A small quantity goes a long way.


I love this! – 22 January, 2018

Bullock H. – Review provided by

22 January, 2018

No stretch marks yet and it’s not overly oily or sticky. Plus it smells good. I love it!



.. – 24 August, 2017

Brianna S. – Review provided by

24 August, 2017

Stuff is amazing and smells great. I put it on 2-3 times a day after the shower and it keeps my skin very moisturized


Worth every penny! – 7 November, 2008

jmerph – Review provided by

7 November, 2008

This was given to me as a gift, and I ended up LOVING it. Now, I buy it for my friends when I find out they are pregnant. It is so soothing to the skin as well as to the senses. I highly recomend this product to anyone who is pregnant.


Happy Camper – 5 March, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

5 March, 2017

A little skeptical at first, but my stretchmarks are definitely starting to fade away, so I am a happy camper ( and happy customer )



I like this products – 12 June, 2016

JING W. – Review provided by

12 June, 2016

Belli body lotion is amazingvery moisture and mild for my skini will keep using it.


Abby's review – 23 February, 2016

– Review provided by

23 February, 2016

I am 37 weeks pregnant and I cannot live without this product! I do not have one single stretch mark!


G B Crump's review
 – 7 December, 2015

– Review provided by

7 December, 2015

Love the scent overall and the product worked like a charm. I would definitely recommend it to my girlfriends.

Lisa 's review – 23 January, 2016

– Review provided by

23 January, 2016

Great product, nice smell and smooth on your skin. Used for my first pregnancy and again for my second.

Anonymous's review – 24 February, 2016

– Review provided by

24 February, 2016

I love this product! It smells great and is not too oily. I received it as a gift upon learning that I was pregnant.


Smells great, easy and mess – 2 February, 2017

Denise R. – Review provided by

2 February, 2017

Smells great, easy and mess free pump applicator.


Excellent Product – 19 August, 2017

Naif K. – Review provided by

19 August, 2017

This product really works. It has a nice smell. It keeps my skin hydrated.


decent moisturizer – 21 December, 2017

Megan G. – Review provided by

21 December, 2017

Smells good and is not too thick. Need to use alot of the product to cover skin.


Doesn't leave an oily residue – 28 January, 2018

BECCA D. – Review provided by

28 January, 2018

Doesn't leave an oily residue and smells great!



Great Product – 1 August, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

1 August, 2016

This product is great! Super moisturizing but not too oily. It smells great too.


I am only 3 months – 19 April, 2017

Megan W. – Review provided by

19 April, 2017

I am only 3 months along, but so far this product has been great. Very moisturizing.



Love it!! – 13 May, 2016

Niki W. – Review provided by

13 May, 2016

Smells wonderful, makes my skin feel smooth and tight . So far no stretch marks at 22 weeks and no signs of any either :)


26 May, 2017

Alle V. – Review provided by

26 May, 2017

I received this in my bump box, it feels and smells amazing of course while hopefully preventing stretch marks from baby #2 !!!


Works great! Feels smooth and – 11 August, 2017

Rachel G. – Review provided by

11 August, 2017

Works great! Feels smooth and helps with prevent stretch marks!



So far so good – 27 July, 2016

Courtney L. – Review provided by

27 July, 2016

Just hit 30 weeks and have been using for the last 5 weeks. No stretch marks yet. Smells great


satisfactory – 6 March, 2017

panpan L. – Review provided by

6 March, 2017

the Stretchmark Minimizing Cream is very good, it smooth the skin and absorb moisture.



Great product – 10 July, 2016

benpo L. – Review provided by

10 July, 2016

Safe, non-allergic, non-greasy, mother's choice.



Works Great!
 – 18 March, 2014

Jsupshaw8885 – Review provided by

18 March, 2014

I used this product throughout my pregnancy and it provided great moisturization!


Excellent product. It is ... – 24 November, 2007

Anonymous – Review provided by

24 November, 2007

Excellent product. It is expensive but you get what you pay for. If you do not want stretch marks then you should buy this product. I used about five bottles throughout the pregnancy and I am glad I made the investment.

The Belly saver! – 26 April, 2017

Meghan C. – Review provided by

26 April, 2017

Love this product; currently at 7 months and not a stretch mark in sight! Highly recommend!


Purchased to prevent stretch marks. – 22 May, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

22 May, 2017

Purchased to prevent stretch marks. So far so good! Still have 3 months to go


Smells awesome ! – 20 June, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

20 June, 2017

I'm barely 8 weeks so too early to determine if it works , but it stopped the itchiness so 10 in my book


Amazing Results! – 11 December, 2007

Sue-Lee – Review provided by

11 December, 2007

This is the greatest "true to their word" brand I have ever purchased. I experienced some stretch marks after my 1st pregnancy 2 years ago. I've been using this product for 3 months now and I can barely see where the stretchmarks were. Thank you Belli!


Awesome! – 19 June, 2017

Zeina A. – Review provided by

19 June, 2017

I love the smell of it and it really works in preventing stretch marks!


Delightful – 22 October, 2008

Annie – Review provided by

22 October, 2008

Smells fabulous and keeps my skin soft and stretchy. Absorbs quickly and isn't greasy at all, no marks on clothes. Love it.


Good product – 22 December, 2016

Shuai C. – Review provided by

22 December, 2016

This my third-time purchase for my life even after birth. They are good cosmetic for mom as well.

Love this product! – 7 November, 2017

Michelle L. – Review provided by

7 November, 2017

I put it on every night! Smells amazing and makes my skin so soft!


Anti blemish wash – 2 November, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

2 November, 2016

Anti blemish washSmells great. Works great. And is safe !!


Love this stuff! It's helped – 20 January, 2018

Alexandria S. – Review provided by

20 January, 2018

Love this stuff! It's helped so much with the itchy stomach. – 29 September, 2016

– Review provided by

29 September, 2016

how to use it works stretch mark cream.



Mary's review – 11 February, 2016

– Review provided by

11 February, 2016

I've had stretch marks for years and this is the first product that has really helped.




Great Cream
 – 18 July, 2017

Laura T. – Review provided by

18 July, 2017

Helps minimize existing marks and makes skin super soft!

StretchMark Minimizing – 11 March, 2017

Alexandra B. – Review provided by

11 March, 2017

Consistency is really nice - no overpowering smell. Will re-buy.

She loved it! – 3 April, 2009

MissM – Review provided by

3 April, 2009

I got this for a friend (after reading the reviews here) who was only a few months pregnant. She told me her skin felt so good when she used it after her shower. Thank you, Skinstore!


Ditto – 14 April, 2008

Janiffer – Review provided by

14 April, 2008

I couldn't agree more with the last reviewer. My lactation nurse told me to use this brand since it is the safest to use during breastfeeding and it works!


Fabulous – 27 May, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

27 May, 2016

I used this product line with my first baby and never got a stretch mark.


So far so good – 19 October, 2016

Heather J. – Review provided by

19 October, 2016

I just started using it about a weeks ago, so far it's pretty good.


Lindsay's review – 31 March, 2016

– Review provided by

31 March, 2016

I loved this and never got one stretch mark!! And now pregnant with baby #2 and going to get more!!



Lindsay 's review – 30 December, 2015

– Review provided by

30 December, 2015

I have used this throughout my pregnancy without any stretch marks!


Wish the scent was lighter. – 4 May, 2016

Piper G. – Review provided by

4 May, 2016

The scent smells good, but is a little strong for me.


Amazing! – 24 April, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

24 April, 2017

Love this oil! So very soft and moisturizing! Works wonders!


Great product! – 6 March, 2011

vee1976 – Review provided by

6 March, 2011

I absolutely love this product. Nice scent and makes my skin so so soft.



Love it! – 24 April, 2009

maya – Review provided by

24 April, 2009

Yes I love the product if I get more stretchmarks' I would get more Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream.


Great product – 20 January, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

20 January, 2018

Great product, 32 weeks into pregnancy. No stretch marks


Amazing – 8 February, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

8 February, 2018

Not one single mark so far!! I use this stuff religiously! Smells amazing too


Anonymous's review – 22 April, 2016

– Review provided by

22 April, 2016

tried this as a sample, could not wait to come back and buy a whole bottle.


I i be it so much. It works wonders. – 26 April, 2016

– Review provided by

26 April, 2016

I i be it so much. It works wonders.



 – 16 June, 2017

Brittany K. – Review provided by

16 June, 2017

Smells great and doesn't leave a greasy residue

Ben – 14 February, 2018

Benjamin H. – Review provided by

14 February, 2018

Wife loves it, smells great and works great.

Belli – 3 July, 2016

Apryl M. – Review provided by

3 July, 2016

The stretch mark cream smells wonderful and feels great!



Great product!!! – 5 April, 2017

Laura T. – Review provided by

5 April, 2017

I love the feel, smell, and effects of this product!


Anonymous's review – 26 January, 2016

– Review provided by

26 January, 2016

Great product! Relieves itching and help with stretch marks! A must for pregnancy!!!


Love it – 16 March, 2016

– Review provided by

16 March, 2016

Love it, no stretch marks and smells nice. Will recommend 100%.


So far no stretch marks! – 24 March, 2018

Kortney S. – Review provided by

24 March, 2018

So far no stretch marks! Love the smell


Great product, helping so far... – 4 January, 2018

Rachel E. – Review provided by

4 January, 2018

Great product, helping so far... no streach marks


A great product. I've ...
 – 31 August, 2007

Anonymous – Review provided by

31 August, 2007

A great product. I've used it throughout my 8 months of pregnancy so far and it really helped tame my itching.

Jaclyn's review – 20 March, 2016

– Review provided by

20 March, 2016

Great product. Keeps skin well hydrated.

Good Product – 13 April, 2017

uuppon – Review provided by

13 April, 2017

I will recommend this product to other Mom.

Satisfied customer – 4 May, 2016

Maria B. – Review provided by

4 May, 2016

The quality of the products and level of service at Belli are always exellent.


So far so good! Smells great! – 4 February, 2016

– Review provided by

4 February, 2016

So far so good! Smells great!


Love this... Makes my skim – 16 October, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

16 October, 2016

Love this... Makes my skim feel so soft


I gained almost 65 pounds ... – 3 May, 2008

Anonymous – Review provided by

3 May, 2008

I gained almost 65 pounds with my son, but I used this EVERYDAY and did not get one stretch mark!!! It was wonderful!



LOVE IT!!! – 11 December, 2007

Emily – Review provided by

11 December, 2007

OMG, this saved my body!!My gf recommended as she used during her 3 pregnancies.



love this stuff!
 – 30 September, 2009

Fran – Review provided by

30 September, 2009

i would recommend this stuff to all pregnant women. It is really working for me!



great product – 6 February, 2018

Wanxian F. – Review provided by

6 February, 2018

it works great on the belli.


Amazing Product worth ... – 6 June, 2007

Anonymous – Review provided by

6 June, 2007

Amazing Product worth every penny. I would say this is a pregnancy must


Will be back for more! – 15 October, 2016

Nikki S. – Review provided by

15 October, 2016

Will be back for more! Love this product.


Good – 9 May, 2016

yanyuan c. – Review provided by

9 May, 2016

i bought it for my friend, she told me it is good



I like this item. – 9 May, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

9 May, 2016

I like this item and I will be buy again.


Amazing product – 16 October, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

16 October, 2018

My wife loves all their products



 – 3 August, 2016

Chao H. – Review provided by

3 August, 2016

it's good for hydrating the skin

good – 24 June, 2016

XIAOLEI C. – Review provided by

24 June, 2016

Very good product and I will buy it again




Anonymous's review – 21 February, 2016

– Review provided by

21 February, 2016

Works good!


Love the products! – 6 February, 2017

Sasha S. – Review provided by

6 February, 2017

Love the products!


Excellent – 10 December, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

10 December, 2016

Excellent productLove it


Love! – 23 March, 2018

Michelle M. – Review provided by

23 March, 2018

Smells amazing!



Anonymous's review
 – 5 December, 2015

– Review provided by

5 December, 2015

very good product

Great product! – 29 November, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

29 November, 2017

I love this product!

Jenny's review – 1 March, 2016

– Review provided by

1 March, 2016

Amazing product.



Anonymous's review – 26 December, 2015

– Review provided by

26 December, 2015



Excellent. – 2 April, 2017

Pengfei Y. – Review provided by

2 April, 2017



Awesome – 1 March, 2016

– Review provided by

1 March, 2016

So far so Good


yay – 2 May, 2017

Hannah W. – Review provided by

2 May, 2017



Great – 28 July, 2017

Brittney S. – Review provided by

28 July, 2017



good – 8 August, 2016

Chao H. – Review provided by

8 August, 2016





Really worked for me! -- March 15, 2019


Samantha R.


5.0 out of 5 stars



Great product. I was skeptical at first when I received it inside of a baby box subscription I signed up for but it made my stretch marks noticeably lighter and this was even the ones I had from my first pregnancy which were 9 years old. So, I ordered more off of here.


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