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Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator Reviews

See why Customers Crave Belli Skincare's Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator 

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Really great! – 28 September, 2016

KtBaker – Review provided by

28 September, 2016

I really like this product! While I don't find it to be very moisturizing per say I still love it! I use this more as a serum, which to me would make more sense for it to be labeled and sold as a serum. When applied by its self it doesn't give me the moisture I personally need but I do use a moisturizer over this and it's perfect! After 4 or 5 weeks of use I have seen a drastic difference in my skins appearanc. It's smoother and more radiant. I've also noticed my pores are much smaller, almost completely gone. I'm using this along with the brands face wash and facial scrub (I only use the scrub once a week) I will definitely purchase this item again. Hopefully they start selling this in store rather than online only!



Love it – 29 July, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

29 July, 2016

This is my second pregnancy and I was on different acne products before I got pregnant that I couldn't use during my pregnancy. First pregnancy my skin was awful! I couldn't find a products that I could just up control my oily/combination acne prone skin. I usually have acne just on my chin area but during my first pregnancy I had it on my cheeks and forehead too. I tried this product for my second pregnancy and honestly my skin is pretty/very clear! I like to pick at it sometimes (bad habit) so sometimes I'll get some small pimples but if I leave it alone, my skin is really clear! My husband has noticed too and he's usually very sensitive to my feelings about my skin that he tries not to comment ;) really like this product!



Pregnant and needed – 25 March, 2017

Kim T. – Review provided by

25 March, 2017

I have sensitive skin and once in a blue moon would get a pimple until I got pregnant! My hormones are causing my skin to breakout along my jaw line and I was desperate to get back to having clear skin. I didn't want to use anything harsh and stumbled upon this product while reading an article on The Bump. After the first month of using the product my skin began to clear! I love the smell of the product and the overall clean feeling I have after using the face wash and lotion. The lotion is very light so I do sometimes use a heavier one at night just because it's winter and I am overly dry. All in all, this is a great product and I will continue to use it throughout my pregnancy and probably after!!



Perfect – 15 October, 2016

tej2011 – Review provided by

15 October, 2016

I've struggled with finding a good moisturizer that would hydrate my skin but not aggravate/cause more acne. I also wanted something that I could continue to use during pregnancy. I found this. I was reluctant at first because of the price, but I eventually caved as I already use the facial wash and spot treatment. I promise, the price is worth it. You only need a little bit. It doesn't make my skin feel oily or greasy and it has actually HELPED get rid of my acne. I'm floored at how well this stuff works!



Amazing! – 28 December, 2014

Aleefisher – Review provided by Buy Buy Baby

28 December, 2014

Like many pregnant women, I was experiencing extremely dry skin on my face, particularly around my mouth (chin area), and in between my eyes. I spoke with friends who have children and my doctors and all said it's common and goes away after you give birth. Doctor recommended something over-the-counter like a cortisone cream...I tried that for about a week and it didn't help me at all. I tried regular moisturizers that helped only a little bit...then I registered at Buy Buy and found a sample of this in my welcome bag...I've now been using Belli for about two weeks and I've never felt better. My skin is super hydrated and you can't see the dry skin patch anymore at all. Best part is...I barely even have to use any for it to cover the entire dry spot. I still have almost the entire sample two weeks later!

I'll definitely be buying this when I run out of my sample. It's such a great product and I can't wait to try the rest. So happy knowing it's also safe for my baby and me



Effectiveness of healthy glow facial hydrator – 27 August, 2017

Eleonor R. – Review provided by

27 August, 2017

My skin is very dry & flaky since last term of my pregnancy up to now that I am breastfeeding. When I came to know the Belli skin care products it was heaven sent for a mom like me who really scan through the ingredients & check if it is safe for me & my baby. When I tried the healthy glow facial hydrator, it was really a perfect match for me!



It's been so nice to – 6 December, 2018

Ariane B. – Review provided by

6 December, 2018

It's been so nice to be able to have confidence that I can use these products during pregnancy! I definitely like the peace of mind and struggle with a lot of acne during pregnancy. I've tried using some natural products that made my whole face breakout and have never had a reaction to these products.



Very Moisturizing – 22 August, 2017

Lauren M. – Review provided by

22 August, 2017

I'm SO glad I purchased this product! I'm expecting my first baby and my skin had become insanely oily and broken out. This product moisturized my skin just enough to keep it from from getting dry but not oily whatsoever! A little goes a long way too, just one pump covers my enter face. The one and only downside is I wish it had SPF in it.


Love this!
 – 22 February, 2016

– Review provided by

22 February, 2016

It's lightweight and absorbs quickly, it's not greasy and smells good. I have oily acne prone skin and it doesn't make my skin feel greasy or break me out. I also credit it with lightening any post acne mark I've gotten from hormonal breakouts and calming my skin. Can't live without this and the face wash- those two items have made my skin SO MUCH better.

A little thin, esp for winter. – 13 December, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

13 December, 2016

I use this product for the peace of mind it brings me. I'm sure there's other products that are just as safe that are not specifically made to be pregnancy safe but I like the peace of mind this brings me.

It's a bit thin. I actually use it as a base layer under a pregnant safe body lotion (on my face). The body lotion wasn't penetrating my face so the combo of the two works great.

Lightweight and Smells Great – 23 February, 2015

Gina the Health Nut – Review provided by

23 February, 2015

I love this hydrator. It's very lightweight and absorbs instantly to leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. It has a wonderful citrus smell that's clean and fresh. It's great at night but also in the morning under makeup.

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Cause some itch at the beginning – 8 August, 2016

Zhongyue L. – Review provided by

8 August, 2016

I bought this product for my fiancee who lived in a pretty dry area. She said the hydrator cause some itch and her face turned really red at the beginning. We've consulted some other users who mentioned it was just a normal reaction. She kept using it for another three times and the problem went away. Good product in general while might cause small allergic.


Love this product! – 18 January, 2017

Emma J – Review provided by

18 January, 2017

Got this as a sample and almost gave it away. Boy am I glad I didn't. The consistency was a bit watery (be careful opening the sample packet) but it went on so smoothly. A little goes a long way. Now I can't stop touching my face. My skin definitely feels soft and does look dewy and fresh even under make up. I'm ordering a couple of bottles and can't wait to get it. In the meantime I'm literally scraping the sample packet dry. LOL

Pretty good stuff. – 16 September, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

16 September, 2016

I love that it is safe for pregnancy and I can have piece of mind putting it on my skin. It's not as hydrating as some moisturizers I have tried but it leaves a nice palet of skin to apply makeup over. I use it in a Belli trio of products and love that they are designed to work together. My skin has improved since I started the products.


It's a perfect moisturizing lotion – 7 February, 2018

Xingfei L. – Review provided by

7 February, 2018

I am pregnant, and I am very carefull about what was used on my face. My skin is sensitive to many skincare products. I found belli was perfect, it's natural with good smell. After using it, my skin is no longer dry. I think I will use it after my baby is born.



So far, so great! – 11 May, 2016

Lynda W. – Review provided by

11 May, 2016

I've been using the Belli scrub, cleanser, & moisturizer for 4 weeks now, and so far I've had no allergic reactions to this product. I enjoy the smells of the natural ingredients that make up each formula, and I would recommend the scrub, cleanser, and facial moisturizer to a person with my skin type!


Very nice product – 3 November, 2016

Jennifer B. – Review provided by

3 November, 2016

I've been using the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator for almost a year now - started while pregnant and still using as I breastfeed. Not oily or greasy and very gentle. If you have really dry skin, you might want something a little heavier as this is quite light.



I'm still using it
 – 16 March, 2017

Na Y. – Review provided by

16 March, 2017

I started using Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator when I was pregnant more than a year ago. I noticed my acne went away, so I didn't stop even after my daughter was born. Now she's almost 1 year old, and I'm still it to keep my clean of acne.

25 June, 2016

Jessica G. – Review provided by

25 June, 2016

This is my favorite new skin care product! I received a sample in a baby registry gift bag and I was so surprised at the quality of this moisturizer! I am planning on buying this as soon as I get to a store that carries it and it will probably be my go to product. It is lightweight and does make my skin look healthy just as promised.

Nice! – 15 March, 2013

Eppers – Review provided by

15 March, 2013

I love the way this product smells, and it feels light and absorbing. However, it takes a minute to fully absorb and at first it felt a little oily but I waited a few minutes and then it was fine and my skin felt really smooth and not oily at all. I am also excited that it has vitamin C in it. I have Fair skin and freckles and vitamin C has always done wonderful things for my skin's clarity and glow. The only thing I wish it had was a sunscreen.


Great all-around – 15 May, 2017

Christina M. – Review provided by

15 May, 2017

I've been using this for about four months and love the consistency and lightness. I've noticed an improvement in my acne-prone skin as well. Using safe products during my pregnancy is important and this product is a must for me.


Great product – 1 August, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

1 August, 2016

Ive struggled with acne since being a teenager. Now im 29 and expecting and my acne got much worse. Since using Belli acne products my skin has improved tremendously. It is the best acne treatment i have ever used. I will continue using it after my baby is born


Facial Hydrator – 5 February, 2017

Nicole L. – Review provided by

5 February, 2017

This product is absolutely amazing. Weightless and makes my skin feel so refreshed and soft. I naturally have oily skin and has been worse since being pregnant but since using this, it has made my face less oily and feel fantastic.


Love it! – 3 April, 2014

JanSB – Review provided by

3 April, 2014

I love my face creams, but when I got pregnant I stopped using my usual creams to be extra cautious due to the ingredients. Came across this pregnancy line and I love this face cream! At first, it seems the consistency is thin, but a little goes a long way. Very lightweight, but it definitely moisturizes. Adds more of the "dewy" look to my already pregnancy glow :) Ordering my 3rd bottle today. This and the facial wash are must haves! (skip the belly oil, use honest company body oil and belly balm instead)


Great skincare! – 24 July, 2016

Kara H. – Review provided by

24 July, 2016

I still have acne.. But after using this for maternity care and trying other lines and non maternity lines, this takes care of my face best. I have a few pimples, not raging acne, so that's great! I used topical medicine prior to pregnancy, but this comes close.


Facial hydrator – 23 January, 2017

Emily J. – Review provided by

23 January, 2017

I've been using this product for about three weeks and so far I love the results. My skin gets very dry in the winter and using the hydrator twice a day has prevented flaking skin. It goes on light and doesn't make me break out the way some other moisturizers do.


Great product!


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