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Eye Brightening Cream Reviews

See What Customers are Saying about our Eye Brightening Cream

Good stuff – 2 December, 2018

GBCBD – Review provided by

2 December, 2018

I never heard of this brand until I received a sample of Belli Beauty Eye Brightening Cream. I figured I'd try it, but honestly didn't expect much since none of the other creams I'd tried lived up to the hype. I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised. When I used this in conjunction with my daily under-eye essence, my puffiness and dark circles actually went away! I feel like I look years younger, which is always a good thing. I highly recommend the Belli Beauty Eye Brightening Cream. If you're still on the fence about this product, try it. I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

Probably will continue to use after pregnancy. – 20 June, 2016

dolphinwatcher – Review provided by

20 June, 2016

I've always had dark circles that do not seem to fade much with most eye creams. I got this to use during pregnancy because it is made without harmful ingredients and I honestly didn't expect too much. I was surprised! My dark circles have faded better than with any other eye cream. I still have fine lines though but for a pregnancy safe product I am extremely impressed. It sits well under make up too. I have repurchased and will consider staying on it after pregnancy too.

Love all of Belli's Products!!! – 11 May, 2017

Monica K. – Review provided by

11 May, 2017

I was seeing a dermatologist and had to stop using my topicals because they weren't safe during pregnancy. I have been using Belli's skin care line for a month now and I feel like my face looks better than it did with my dermatologist. This stuff is amazing, and the fact that it has all natural ingredients only makes it that much better!

Best Ever Eyecream!! – 29 June, 2017

D – Review provided by

29 June, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about Belli Skin Care Products but my favorite has to be the Eye Brightening Cream. I have always had dark, puffy circles around my eyes and have tried a huge variety of creams and serums and nothing has even been able to compare. This is a must have everyday even if I'm skipping makeup I won't leave home without it!!!


We found a Winner! Good Investment! – 29 August, 2017

Jen S. – Review provided by

29 August, 2017

I am a skin guru and I've tried everything. Belli products are amazing and I will continue to use them forever. They work, my skin is glowing, I have sensitive eyes and the eye cream doesn't irritate my eyes, it goes on nicely and it feels good. Highly recommend there products.


Safe but Effective Eye Cream – 11 July, 2016

Diana c. – Review provided by

11 July, 2016

I've purchased many expensive brands for eye cream but I wanted something healthier during pregnancy. I was really hesitant to try this but I was desperate. Within two uses, I noticed a difference! Highly recommended, highly blown away.


great product – 12 April, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

12 April, 2017

I started using Belli skincare once I noticed I am pregnant! I have been using the scrub, cleanser and eye brightener cream for few months straight! I would like to say Belli skin care is my life saver!


 – 19 June, 2017

Busy Lady – Review provided by

19 June, 2017

I LOVE this eye cream. It helps with those dark circles and fine lines. It absorbs quickly. My makeup goes on smoothly over it.

Fantastic Eye Cream – 18 February, 2015

klmw62 – Review provided by

18 February, 2015

I use this cream at night after I wash off my makeup and it is a smooth and thick consistency. it leaves my skin feeling refreshing and within a couple of days the bag and dark circles around my eyes have lightened up.


9 November, 2016

Sachi I – Review provided by

9 November, 2016

Best Moisturizer
I have been using this moisturizer longer than I can remember. It always feels comfortable on my skin and gives it a great look. I buy it whenever I see it in a store to keep a supply on hand.


Great eye cream!
 – 15 June, 2016

Maila H. – Review provided by

15 June, 2016

Im a brand new mom and this product has helped me a lot esp from all those sleepless nights every mom goes through. I would highly recommend Belli products!



Works great
 – 30 October, 2016

Natalie G. – Review provided by

30 October, 2016

I love that this is safe for me to use while pregnant. I wish it was a little more emollient since I live in a dry climate but overall it works great. A little goes a long way.

Skin is so much better – 28 November, 2017

Chuhua W. – Review provided by

28 November, 2017

After being pregnant, I talked to my OB doctor about Belli. And I was told that this is a safe product to use. My acne problems are gone now. And I am very happy about it.



Eye cream
 – 6 July, 2016

Celine B. – Review provided by

6 July, 2016

Eye cream that does the job. Was looking for a product that was safe during pregnancy and this fits the bill. Could be a tad more powerful, but overall happy.

I love this product! – 15 April, 2017

Emily R. – Review provided by

15 April, 2017

If your a expecting mother, mother, or just someone who is tired of dark circles under your eyes, this product is for you!

Safe to use during pregnancy – 2 October, 2016

Lisa L. – Review provided by

2 October, 2016

Eye brightening cream works pretty well. Biggest pro is that it's safe to use during pregnancy. Gives me more peace of mind.

This eye cream offers pretty – 24 April, 2017

Paul C. – Review provided by

24 April, 2017

This eye cream offers pretty good hydration and sits well under makeup. Not sure about anti aging benefits.

Excellent eye cream! – 8 July, 2017

Meredith H. – Review provided by

8 July, 2017

I put this on every morning and have noticed a real difference in the bags and dark circles under my eyes - highly recommend!

eye cream – 7 March, 2016

– Review provided by

7 March, 2016

I have tried almost every product of Belli, and I love each one! My favorite eye cream by far! I use it day and night and under my makeup!

I'm about 10 weeks pregnant – 16 April, 2017

gabrielle v. – Review provided by

16 April, 2017

I'm about 10 weeks pregnant and halfway through my first bottle, and I think my skin is starting to clear up.

Nice product for women who just had baby – 19 September, 2016

Shuai C. – Review provided by

19 September, 2016

I purchased Rhodes body wash, facial cream eye cream before and after my wife having baby. They are very good and helpful.

Love this product! – 5 April, 2017

Victoria – Review provided by

5 April, 2017

I've used more expensive products and am so happy with the results of this! I see myself using it well past pregnancy!

still using it – 6 March, 2017

Emily A. – Review provided by

6 March, 2017

this is great eye cram. I have sensitive skin and have continued to use it even after baby was born and weaned.




amazing products!
 – 27 September, 2016

Yuanchao L. – Review provided by

27 September, 2016

I use this product everyday, and i feel very comfortable! I recommend my friends to use it also.

Miracle Worker – 14 August, 2008

Mandy C. – Review provided by

14 August, 2008

This product really works--my eyes look refreshed and well rested even after a long night. I also love that I can use concealer over it and it glides over the skin and looks so natural. I'm totally hooked!

Belli Eye Brightening Cream – 20 October, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

20 October, 2016

A wonderful eye cream that leaves skin moisturized and hydrated.

Great product! – 30 December, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

30 December, 2017

Love this product - very gentle, great quality and does the trick!


Love this eye cream! – 23 March, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

23 March, 2018

Great eye cream. Definitely brightens around the eyes!


GREAT! – 25 February, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

25 February, 2017

These products are amazing and I feel so good using them when pregnant knowing they are safe


Very moist – 11 January, 2018

XIAOLIANG C. – Review provided by

11 January, 2018

I feel very safe to use this eye cream during pregnancy and it works.


Great! – 30 April, 2009

Andrea – Review provided by

30 April, 2009

Even though it is recommended for tired mothers, this eye cream works great for all! It is easy to apply, brightens the eye area and you can't beat the price!


Unbelievable – 7 April, 2008

Johanna – Review provided by

7 April, 2008

I was reluctant to try this eye cream because it is so cheap (for an eye cream). It is by far and away the greatest eye cream ever. Feels great and improves appearance almost instantly.


very nice product – 17 June, 2016

XIAOLEI C. – Review provided by

17 June, 2016

It helps me to reduce the winckles of my eyes and my skin is not that dry as before



It Works!
 – 14 April, 2008

Annonymous – Review provided by

14 April, 2008

This is the best eye cream! It helps to brighten (and distract) my undereye circles and also keeps the area moist throughout the day. The price can't be beat!

Amazing!! – 30 November, 2017

Michelle M. – Review provided by

30 November, 2017

All the products are great! My face got better immediately, I’m very happy!

great eye cream – 25 February, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

25 February, 2018

this product helps to improve my wrinkle of the eyes. It is good for pregnant women.

Best eye cream – 15 November, 2016

Hua l. – Review provided by

15 November, 2016

Love this eye cream so much, it's not oil and easy to absorb.

I love believe products. They – 15 July, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

15 July, 2016

I love believe products. They make my skin glow.

Great Product – 15 July, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

15 July, 2017

Love this eye cream, hydrate and smell good


Great product – 10 October, 2017

Brian P. – Review provided by

10 October, 2017

Feels great on and I love that it's OB approved.

Great product – 15 June, 2017

Joan G. – Review provided by

15 June, 2017

I have really enjoyed using this product so far!

Best – 17 September, 2008

Joyce – Review provided by

17 September, 2008

This is the best eye cream I have used. I wish I knew it earlier. My eyes look so rested even with only two applications.


I love this product
 – 24 November, 2017

Sara K. – Review provided by

24 November, 2017

Works great!

Love it ! – 17 January, 2017

Mira W. – Review provided by

17 January, 2017

I'm very pleased with this product, love it !

so good – 6 October, 2016

ivy h. – Review provided by

6 October, 2016

I love this product so much,it's very good

good – 22 November, 2016

Wanxian F. – Review provided by

22 November, 2016

helps for hydrantion.

Awesome product – 1 August, 2017

Becky A. – Review provided by

1 August, 2017

I fell in love with this product:)

Feels great! – 22 July, 2016

Tina D. – Review provided by

22 July, 2016

Feels great!

Love Belli products!! – 29 June, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

29 June, 2017

Love this product!

Works well. – 10 October, 2016

Guest – Review provided by

10 October, 2016

Works well.

Very good product – 1 February, 2017

shunying y. – Review provided by

1 February, 2017

Very good product

good products – 7 May, 2016

xiaoyan w. – Review provided by

7 May, 2016

hope there would be more selection.



belli eye brightening cream
 – 6 April, 2017

Amelia H. – Review provided by

6 April, 2017

great products

best thing – 28 March, 2017

Ann L. – Review provided by

28 March, 2017

best thing

Eye Cream – 26 March, 2017

Kirsten S. – Review provided by

26 March, 2017

Great product!

Anonymous's review – 7 March, 2016

– Review provided by

7 March, 2016

Love it

Very good – 19 May, 2016

Qing X. – Review provided by

19 May, 2016

Very good




It’s nice to have something safe to use during pregnancy - April 16, 2018


Jennifer Wilcox


5.0 out of 5 stars


It’s nice to have something safe to use during pregnancy. So many products are full of harsh chemicals. Moms have enough to worry about, face cream shouldn’t be one of them.






Five Stars - March 19, 2017




5.0 out of 5 stars







Yummy for my skin - February 14, 2016




5.0 out of 5 stars


Smells great and feels so smooth on my skin. Great pregnancy product.








Five Stars --September 8, 2015


Anna Pecherczyk


5.0 out of 5 stars


Best eye cream ever!!!







Five Stars - February 27, 2015




5.0 out of 5 stars







Five Stars -- June 22, 2015




5.0 out of 5 stars


It's what I prefer







Five Stars - August 23, 2016




5.0 out of 5 stars


Absolutely love this brand.






Five Stars -- September 5, 2016


Amazon Customer


5.0 out of 5 stars


very good,very fresh!



 Four Stars -- September 2, 2014




4.0 out of 5 stars


I think it's good foe me

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