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Let's get to know Belli's licensed esthetician + Skin Expert Gia...
Growing up I had an affinity for beauty. What was beauty? Who was beautiful? Who determined the qualifications for beauty?
Like most young women I struggled with defining my beauty.
Becoming a makeup artist gave me a creative outlet to enhance and create beauty in all forms. As a makeup artist you are taught how to cover up dark marks, how to color match someone’s foundation,but treating the skin wasn’t really applied. This made me want to further my education in skincare . Not only did I want to enhance my clients beauty, I wanted them to feel beautiful and secure without makeup.
Being an esthetician has opened doors for me to educate and treat skincare concerns for women, men, children and all ethnicities.
Advancements in the skincare industry keeps me on my toes and constantly researching. Do you know what you’re using on your face? Most people say NO! As a result, I’m a huge advocate for knowledge of the ingredients present in skincare products.
I’m a mother and a wife; two titles that hold great responsibility. It’s my duty to make sure my family is healthy from the inside out. Skin is the largest organ of the body and possibly the most forgotten about. In recent times there has been a major health kick around the world, however the importance of skincare has not been valued as much as other body parts. As an esthetician my goal is to enlighten others about how valuable your skin really is.
I’m here to remind you that you can have the skin you desire. With proper care, tips and helpful hints your desires for beautiful skin can become a reality.
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