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Why Vegan Skincare?

Posted by Belli Skincare on Dec 1st 2018

Why Vegan Skincare?

Belli Skincare cannot stress enough that the skin care you choose is very important. There are several factors that should be considered. Ingredients is one of course, but also making a switch to Vegan skincare as opposed to using skincare that has a multitude of chemicals and ingredients that you cannot pronounce, let alone know what they will do to your skin or overall health with prolonged used. 

So let's get right to it shall we? To Vegan or Not Vegan, when it comes to skincare. You do not need to be a full fledged Vegan or live a Vegan lifestyle to choose Vegan options for skincare, Here's why.

Better for sensitive skin and good for all skin types

  • Generally containing natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin, instead of harsh artificial chemicals that are usually found in commercial skin care products.

Effective anti-aging benefits

  • Clean and natural vegan skin care ingredients can provide the best anti-aging skin care results. A combination of all-natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts can help rejuvenate the skin and give you a healthy glow! Safe, effective, non-irritating, clean ingredients and pure formulations are the real difference between Belli Skincare and other brands.
  • The trick to anti-ageing isn’t a fancy chemical – it’s moisture and vitamins. The two things oils, infused waters and vegan products are perfect for, so switch over to vegan skincare and let them do all the work for you.

Not Tested on Animals (Cruelty Free)

  • We don’t believe in cruelty towards animals - its just not nice, so they won’t support cruelty behind the scenes either – and what’s better than knowing no animals are getting hurt?

Plant Based Benefits

  • Going vegan with your lifestyle means helping the planet too! According to a 2010 report, animal farming and the processes involved are the biggest causes of climate change, so by switching to vegan skin care, you’re helping everyone.
  • Easier for your skin to absorb so you have super hydrated skin all day!
  • Oily skin doesn’t miss out either because the plant derived ingredients are super hydrating for your skin and (believe it or not) that hydration gets rid of oiliness! Your skin stops trying to make up for extra moisture and you end up with a flawless complexion.

Healthier Choice

  • By reducing the number of chemicals on your skin and keep your insides just as healthy as the outside.
  • Your rashes will calm down and your pores will unclog when you switch out the suffocating ingredients for ones that are beneficial.
  • Allergies aren’t of a huge concern when it comes to trying a new, vegan product.
  • Uneven skin tone can be solved without any hassle.
  • Guaranteed the best complexion you can have.
  • Essential oils are a natural way to provide additional aromatherapy benefits without compromising your health.

By using only vegan friendly, Belli Skincare is able to guarantee the absolute purity and safety of all of our ingredients and formulations. Your skin will thank you for it!

Here is a little Q+A with Belli about Vegan Skincare...

What prompted Belli Skincare to go vegan?

Belli decided to go vegan because it was the obvious natural choice....literally. Above all we want our products to be safe, free of harmful additives or chemicals and have our consumers know that when you use Belli Skincare, you also made the right natural choice for your skincare health. Safety and ethics have always been a primary focus for Belli in what we offer our consumers in both our brand foundation and our products.

Why do you think vegan lines are gaining in popularity?

Belli believes vegan lines are gaining popularity due to the many ailments people have experienced in using a multitude of products on the market that have far less integrity in what they put in them and create many issues from allergic reactions to very serious health issues. Consumers are becoming more educated about the impact products make on their own bodies as well as the environment. Belli's vegan skincare products are also never tested on animals and therefore they are 100 percent cruelty free.

Do you think they offer any additional benefits to the skin?

There are many additional benefits to using Belli's vegan based skincare, one is that they are superior in  performance overall. Belli's vegan skincare also offers solidarity in our products being formulated for all skin types, free of parabens, chemicals, allergen perfumes and dyes. The integrity of our vegan products allows you to feel as though you found your happily ever after in skincare. Belli Skincare offers preventative, maintenance and protection through our entire collection. Added benefit is with Belli Skincare being vegan, you do not need to worry about using while pregnant, we have still retained our foundation from the beginning of our products being pregnancy safe - always a BONUS.

Are there any special considerations when creating a vegan brand? What are the challenges to keeping a line vegan?

When it comes to skincare, plant-based and mineral-based ingredients are superior alternatives to those that are animal-infused. Inherent in these ingredients are beneficial properties that have been known to heal, soothe and be not only gentle on the skin, but promote and boost your skin's natural generation of valuable assets that allow your skin to not only look better, but inevitably be healthier and stronger. Belli has taken into consideration that we want not only our brand but the products we deliver to be completely transparent to our consumers. This means being conscious about what is in our products not just what they are intended to do. Being vegan based also allows for a wider audience of consumers taking into account the many different skin types and needs. This allows for Belli consumers to have peace of mind while using our products, along with being able to stand behind the brand they use, heads held high!

With regard to challenges in being committed to a vegan line....none, when you offer an option that is 100% good the prospects of continuing that message and incorporating other products into the brand is exciting and motivating. Belli looks forward to continuing to offer only best to our customers.

What do you see as the future of vegan beauty?

Belli foresees the future of vegan beauty dominating the industry as a whole. More people are truly conscious about what is really in the products they use and how it will affect them. With our skin being porous, what goes on your body also goes in your body. You have to ask yourself, would you rather roll around in a vat of animal byproduct and chemicals, or a field of fruits, plants and flowers. We choose the latter.


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