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The Love of Nature

Posted by Belli Skincare on Dec 7th 2018

The Love of Nature

Sometimes keeping yourself one with nature, whether a weekend organized camping trip or a wanderlust session for a few days, is a must do. Putting yourself in "the thick" of nature and the elements, free from your regular day to day and away from all that makes you hustle. Something magical happens when you get off the hampster wheel and take a walk about into a natural setting surrounded by all it's glory,  just taking in air that doesn't feel like its being shared with a few thousand of your neighbors.

If you have ever spent more than a few hours in the wild (campground or roughing it), you already know there are no showers down the hall, and let's be realistic, you're not there to obsess about your vanity. Dirt and mud under the nails, across the face and up the legs...looking like you are prepping for a Spartan race....... 

It's not only the "dirting" that affects your skin, but the elements too. Weather plays havoc on the skin in a multitude of ways from heat, cold, wind, wet, muggy, sticky, freezing, oh the fun of the outdoors....

Regardless if the weather is warm or cold, your skin will experience a ton of changes and with them come a variety of skincare needs, from dryness, to sweating, over amped oiliness (if you are prone), and a bevy of skincare needs ensue, hence a good skincare is needed that can really be effective, one that you can take with you and not need to wait to get back to civilization in order to remedy your skin from your excursion.

You're probably thinking, with all this talk about negative things your skin goes through and the results from being one with the elements, why in the world would anyone want to do this (camping or wanderlusting) but the truth is, we cant help it. We are all organic and naturally drawn to each other (people and nature that is). Besides, some of the best moments are had in silence and solitude....yes we're going to say it...
"Being one with nature".

The Beauty of nature is undeniable. The 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter really give us many reasons to get out there and explore everything nature has to offer. Finding a skincare that truly has you covered no matter the season, destination or current latitude your in is key. One that provides ingredients derived from nature, and gives back in all ways from keeping your skin clean, refreshed, moisturized, protected and illuminated, ready to take on your next adventure no matter where that takes you. Whether its in the comfort of your own space, to the shores for some surf, the mountains for some reflection, or across the globe to a whole other way of life and terrain, no matter the season, anywhere and everywhere, the beauty of Belli Skincare is we truly have you covered, so on your next adventure - take us with you!