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Pregnancy Changes Your Skin...

Posted by Belli Skincare on Jan 14th 2019

Pregnancy Changes Your Skin...

If you’re pregnant and you’re experience acne breakouts and other pregnancy skin changes, continue reading, we’ve got some great skin “why” and “what to do” tips for you! If you’re not pregnant, but are breastfeeding, this is definitely a good read for you too, as breastfeeding can change your skin too from the hormones your body is now processing to feed baby!

If you are currently pregnant, you may begin to see many changes in your skin. Keep in mind when all your friends and family try to give you advice about what to expect with your pregnancy to include your skin, not every pregnant woman will experience all the same skin changes.

Some of the changes you may notice or are experiencing are:

  • Stretch Marks
  • Blemishes, Acne Breakouts & Oily Skin
  • Dry or Itchy Skin
  • Eye Puffiness or Dark Circles


What are they?

Stretch Marks are one of the most talked about skin changes that can happen to your body during pregnancy. Crazy, but almost 90% of pregnant women will experience stretch marks of some proportion in a variety of places on their bodies. The most recognized is the belly, however hold onto your laptops ladies, because they can also appear on your breasts, thighs, inner outer legs, back of knees, underarms back and bum.

Stretch marks appear as pinkish or reddish streaks running or lines. They come in all sizes and can start small and if this is a second pregnancy for you can even take off where the last ones left off like racing stripes to a finish line. Stretch marks happen because of skin elasticity, hydration issues among some of the factors. When the skin is growing at a rate that is not well hydrated or conditioned, it cannot handle the stressing and hence those pesky breaches in the skin resistance happen creating scarring in the skin that we “not” fondly call stretch marks.

How can I prevent or get rid of stretchmarks?

Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and exercising are big helps, but also applying oils, creams or lotions that are designed specifically for this issue as a skin remedy are very, very. Always use pregnancy safe products free from parabens, harmful chemicals, dyes and chemical based fragrances. This is why Belli Skincare is one of best preferred skincare line for pregnant women. Being specially formulated for sensitive and all skin types, it was designed for pregnant women first. If you are looking to prevent stretchmarks, we suggest our Belli Elasticity Oil. This lavender oil allows for deep conditioning of the skin so as your body changes and grows in areas the skin is able to do too without being overstretched, hence those stretchmarks none of us want! Already afflicted with stretch marks? No worries, as Belli also has a Stretchmark Minimizing Cream too. We suggest using Belli Fresh Start Pre Treatment Scrub to gently exfoliate the skin where your stretch marks are present first, dry completely and apply our stretch mark cream directly to the areas you want to diminish. We also suggest using the cream for 12 weeks for best optimal results. Belli is good, really good, but unfortunately nothing is an overnight fix in this department nor a magic wand (we wish). But those that have followed a skin care routine with Belli products rave about getting no stretch marks, or new stretchmarks (using the Elasticity Belly Oil and Stretchmark Minimizing Cream).

Blemishes, Acne Breakouts and Oily Skin

If you had a problem with this prior to becoming pregnant, chances are it may become worse during your pregnancy. Even if you were free and clear of blemishes before pregnancy, the extra hormones your body is entertaining can cause your oil glands to produce more oil, which can cause breakouts.

How can I prevent or control the acne?

You should stay committed to a strict cleansing routine. As we said before, choosing responsibly formulated products like Belli Skincare that are intended for pregnancy and nursing safe use being free of harmful chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances are your best option. Start with Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash to cleanse and prevent blemishes and acne breakouts. If your skin is overly oily you might want to try Belli Fresh Start Pre Treatment Scrub to exfoliate your face (2-3 times a week). If you are experiencing acne breakouts currently, we suggest our Acne Control Spot Treatment to heal them (customers report a difference in as little as 3 days). Finally, follow up with a good moisturizer like Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator.

Best practice is to cleanse your face every night and every morning. If you wash your face more than this, it can cause your skin to become too dry.

Dry or Itchy Skin

As your body changes so does the balanced chemistry of it. Not staying hydrated with water can also be a culprit of dry skin from face, hands, cuticles, feet and overall body, especially your belly. As your belly grows, the skin stretches and tightens making it feel “itchy”.

How can I prevent or relieve my dry skin itchiness?

We suggest Belli Elasticity Oil for deep conditioning of the skin, but don’t be fooled by the name of the product. This rich lavender scented oil is a full body oil that works for other areas too as an amazing aromatherapy massage oil that is wonderful when pregnant. Bonus is it helps prevent stretchmarks too!

Not an oil kind of person or needing something a bit different, then we say go all in with our All Day Moisture Body Lotion for a lemon scented body cream that is both full bodied in texture and yet long lasting in moisturizing. This is especially great if you cleanse your body first with Belli Pure and Pampered Body Wash for bath and shower and exfoliate (only 2-3 times a week) with our Fresh Start Pretreatment Scrub to gently buff away dry skin and follow up by locking in body moisture with our All Day Body Moisture Lotion rich in avocado oil. This will both relieve dry itchy skin and help to prevent it too.

Dry Face? We thought of this too, as we know not only the body gets dry but your face too. Belli Healthy Glow Hydrator offers a vitamin C boost to your skin creating that perfect “pregnant glow” look. As with all of Belli products, this is a non greasy moisturizer that also has a pick me up scent of fresh oranges.

Eye Puffiness or Dark Circles

Even if you’ve been getting enough sleep, because your body is concentrating on two bodies – yours and baby, it is operating on overdrive mode and this can cause overall exhaustion. When this happens, it can lead to potential a deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals, which can lead to things like dark circles under or around the eyes and puffiness.

How can I prevent or relieve dark circle or puffiness?

Try to stay well hydrated, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise, but if wanting a quick instant fix, then use Belli Eye Brightening Cream formulated with Vitamin K to wake up tired eyes, firm the area and heal the appearance of dark circles.

Tip: For extra relief to eyes keep in the refrigerator for extra cooling when applying.

*Due to the firming qualities of our Eye Brightening Cream, feel free to use it also under chin, along jawline too.