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Got Face Mask Acne?

Posted by Belli Skincare on Jun 28th 2020

Got Face Mask Acne?

If you have been experiencing new breakouts since wearing a face mask, then you too are part of the "Maskne" club. This acne comes from the constant friction of the face covering so many of us are wearing these days, in adapting to the new normal of living during Coronavirus / Covid-19.

From the skin being covered and irritated, pores get congested and not too happy, this leads to breakouts - oh fun!

“Acne mechanica comes from friction,” says New York City dermatologist Dendy Engleman, MD. “You irritate the skin, you get clogging of the pores, and then you get sebum and bacteria that proliferate under the skin.” What you'll notice are tiny shallow whiteheads rather than the deep and painful bumps (those are caused by hormones).

Does the kind of mask matter?

Aside from telltale little white bumps, it's all about location. "Observing the distribution is key as it will be along the lines of contact," says Engelman. "It wouldn’t be right over the mouth where you’re breathing, but along the chinstrap, over the bridge of the nose, and cheeks." This also applies to medical or paper masks. Another way a cloth mask can cause breakouts is when you don't wash it and the cloth had a build up of dirt and bacteria. Rule this out as a cause by washing your mask with each use.

The fix

On the bright side, at least the mask helps conceal this when in public right? BUT, who wants acne anyway?! The last couple few months have also provided different kinds of stress for so many women and with this can change hormonal balances that can lead to breakouts too. Or being bored at home and over treating your skin to peel off or sheet masks and other home spa treats to keep from being bored out of your mind...sound familiar? 

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