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Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care

Posted by Dr. Nava Greenfield on Jan 28th 2020

Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care

“I discovered Belli while I was pregnant with my fourth child and fell in love with their combination of quality, comfort, range and uniqueness of products, as well as their safety and affordability. Their curated set of products address the unique issues encountered in pregnancy and are versatile enough to be used for anyone at any age.” - Dr. Nava Greenfield.

Belli Skincare pioneered the pregnancy-safe skincare category when it launched in 2002. Belli was created to set a higher safety standard for skincare products during the pregnancy and nursing stages. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and transformative times in a woman’s life, yet many expecting moms spend much of that time worrying about the safety of their everyday products.

Science has proven that topical skincare products do get absorbed in the blood system. All ingredients in Belli Skincare are chosen for their safety profile and efficiency to take away any guesswork for new moms.

“I tell my patients that everything that they put on their skin makes its way past the top layer, or epidermis, and is absorbed into the body. When you are pregnant, this point is extra important to keep in mind, and it’s why I recommend Belli Skincare products to my expecting and nursing patients.- Dr. Nava Greenfield, a dermatologist in New York City.

Pregnancy is a time when your body experiences numerous and profound changes in shape, size, and hormone.

“Your skin grows and stretches; and hormone fluctuations may result in dry skin on your body or excessively oily skin on your face. There could be worsening or flares of pre-existing conditions like eczema or psoriasis and breakouts even if you have not had since teenage years.” - Dr. Greenfield.

It is important to use the right skin care products to address every one of these changes. Using the appropriate product can help alleviate concerns while using the wrong one may worsen it.


Dr. Greenfield’s Must-Have Products from Belli Skincare

“In each Belli Skincare product, you find sensitivity, care, and thoughtfulness about the experiences and health of pregnancy.” - Dr. Nava Greenfield

Belli Skincare Acne Products

Breakouts are a sensitive issue for pregnant women because of the lack of safe treatment options. “I recommend Belli’s targeted acne products without hesitation to my pregnant patients because of their safety and efficacy.” - Dr. Greenfield.

Belli Skincare Stretch Mark Reducing Products

Stretch marks that develop during pregnancy are a result of a loss of elastin in the dermis of the skin. “Belli’s Elasticity Belly Oil and Stretchmark Minimizing Cream work together to minimize the skin damage caused by stretching by providing Vitamin E, an ingredient that has demonstrated its ability in clinical studies to reduce signs of stretch marks.” - Dr. Greenfield.

Belli Skincare Pure Radiance SPF 30

“It’s important to use only mineral sunscreens during pregnancy because a chemical blocker can be absorbed into the skin as opposed to a physical blocker, which sits on top of the skin.” - Dr. Greenfield.


Dr. Nava Greenfield is a dermatologist practicing at Schweiger Dermatology Group. Dr. Greenfield earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Queens College, City University of New York, where she graduated Cum Laude with honors in mathematics, natural sciences, chemistry and biochemistry.

Dr. Greenfield attended medical school at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University. She completed her internship at Yale-New Haven Hospital and her residency in dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Dr. Greenfield has been published in many medical journals, including The Journal of Dermatological Treatment, the Journal of Women’s Dermatology and Pediatrics. Dr. Greenfield is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Women’s Dermatologic Society and the American Medical Association.