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Cultured Skincare

Posted by Belli Skincare on Dec 30th 2018

Cultured Skincare

Beauty in it’s entirety, has been defined in so many ways. The cultural implications of beauty are undeniable and have a strong influence on the way women are perceived, whether it be from tradition or climate necessity. We have all endured some sort of process to beautify ourselves, and in each culture the process varies. But we have found the one common factor that all cultures share, quite simply, it’s our skin and how we care for it. Yes, we may have different routines and “go-to” regimes, effects from weather conditions or traditional values, but our shared goal is how we represent our individual “look”, and this most definitely includes our skin. It is no secret that as women we want to be considered attractive, beautiful and free of imperfections. Stop right here, no one is perfect and not one culture has the absolute on skincare or beauty across the board. Good news is, we can always learn from our different cultures what work, and why, then apply this when searching for a skincare that meets all the checkpoints of true goodness in their products…ENTER Belli Skincare!

Global View

In every direction of the globe different ideals represent cultural beauty, for example, South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, as well as areas in the Middle East, their beauty routines are more rooted in ancient, natural-based rituals. Placing importance on natural plants, extracts, teas and essences to achieve long lasting, optimal results. And then in climates that are very dry like South Africa, skin moisture is a huge must do. Paying close attention to hydrating the skin to keep it enriched and healthier. Let’s Take a closer look as some of the preferred skincare concerns or practices from other cultures and how Belli measures up in in truly being everyone’s skincare.

Asian Skin Care

Skin exfoliation is an importance in Asian skin care routines in a constant pursuit of flawless skin texture being a symbol of beauty. I think we all would agree we like this too! Exfoliating your dead skin cells whether face or body, is actually the most simple way to aid the skin in clearing oil, dirt, and bacteria along with the dead skin cells, so as to not plug pores and therefore avoid acne. However, this is not recommended to be practiced daily. If you have sensitive skin, just use the exfoliator once a week. If not, recommended use is 2 – 3 times a week.

We have the fix! Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash and absolutely, our Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub for exfoliation. are specifically formulated and designed for skin exfoliation and keeping acne at bay, if dealing with an acne breakout, even if it is just one you should use Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment for a faster fix.

Coconut is a vital beauty ingredient for South Indian women due to a variety of beneficial factors. Swearing that coconut aids in healthier hair and glowing skin. Perfect! Try this out with our Belli Clearly Coconut Oil.

Tips: Oil massaging stimulates blood circulation, promoting skin to look and feel healthier. Clearly Coconut Oil is perfect for this, but for those that want a bit more of a spa feeling, try Our Belly Elasticity Oil – can be used on the entire body, not just your tummy. Provides a fresh lavender bouquet scent that is both relaxing and calming.

South African Skin Care

Due to its geographic location, South Africa is mostly dry dry, did we say dry?, for six months out of the year going from about April to October. The effect on skin, just like the weather DRY . Because of this, many women are all about keeping their skin heavily moisturized in South Africa. Creams enriched with vitamins K and C are often essential to daily uses in preventing wrinkles, hydrating the skin while adding a much needed glow to dry skin. This is right in line with Belli Healthy Glow Hydrator, a perfect balance of skin hydration that is not greasy but allows for the sought after natural skin glow.

Now we all know what dryness can do to the actual eyes, but can we just take a closer look at the skin around the eye area? The skin around your eyes is much more delicate and sensitive than other parts of your face and body as a whole, it being more prone to dryness and much quicker to show the dreaded signs of aging. Unfortunately, the signs of aging usually begin around the eyes. If you want to slow nature down, using an eye cream that directly targets the best of everything from dark circles, wrinkle abatement, fine lines and firmness without drying the skin, we highly recommend you consider Belli’s Eye Brightening Cream being integrated into your daily skin care routine. It’s easy to use – takes seconds! Imagine just a couple seconds a day verses a lifetime of “I wish I would have done that sooner”.

Scandinavian & Eastern European Skin Care

We found that Eastern European and Scandinavian cultures are about  "less is more" philosophy. When skin is in it’s best condition, there's not much need for anything else. We like this! Keeping thing simple, to the point and effective without being pretentious. Scandinavian women, seemingly have this incredible youthful glow about then, look at all the top models coming out of places like Norway and Demark. Not to say that top models don’t also have skin care issues, but what is it about these locales that showcase clear, naturally beautiful firm skin without the excess of cosmetics? It seems the answer again is simple, being big on naturally clean skin, whether saunas to detox the skin, soaking or luxurious bathing, to being dedicated to products that provide a cross body of works for more than one use. Equally wanting reliably safe products that actually encourage the skin to do its thing and look more “natural”…yep, warm and fuzzy over this as we at Belli do love glowing, natural looking skin. So where do we fit in with this? If a soak in the tube is your preferred, take Pure & Pampered Body Wash with you. Leaves skin fresh, clean and lingers a sense of calm and relaxation. Followed up with our All Day Body Moisture Lotion to not only hydrate, but again, keep that fresh, clean natural vibe going via the scent of just picked lemons.

What is the most important thing for women from any country to do when taking care of their skin?

First and foremost, it is not realistic to expect great results on your skin if you don't also take care of what goes in your skin. The human body is an amazing machine and although resilient, why put harmful chemicals on it, hence in it (through pores) if you don’t need to? Explore this and be your own manager. Make a conscious choice to seek skincare like Belli (definitely Belli) with a vision of your own skincare goals. Although many of our products are instant gratifying, others take consistent use to experience the many positive results, like our Stretchmark Minimizing Cream, or acne treatments, if in full breakout status. Nothing happens overnight, but its all worth it, when you treat your skin right!

Believe in Better Skin with Belli!

No matter the differing cultures or ritual aspects to routines in striving for ideals of beauty, remember the one thing all cultures have in common is the importance placed on skin care. When you are happy, comfortable and confident in your own skin, well... let’s just say…we see you and it’s a beautiful view!


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