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Beauty + the Beast

Posted by Gia O'Neal on Oct 24th 2018

Beauty + the Beast

There’s no specific face of Cancer. Allow me to introduce Carmalee. Active mother of 3 , wife and model. Carma ,as she likes to be called, has been an advocate for eating healthy, working out and living a healthy lifestyle . Being a woman that openly promotes self love and knowing your body, staying on top of her lady parts has always been a priority.

The day that changed her life was a fog. I mean, she had done EVERYTHING RIGHT! What she came to terms with was what will be, will be. During her exam a lump was noticed , a biopsy was done which came back benign, the Doctor ordered a MRI biopsy, that revealed CANCER. Within days her doctor called her to set up surgery. It was that fast. Her cancer was localized in her milk duct area which prevented it from spreading. Carma is a stage 0 Cancer survivor.

When asked if there’s something she could say to women her response was simply yet effective. 

“Touch your boobies.” 

She laughed and elaborated I’ve always had lumpy, spongy like breast but when the lumps began to harden that was a red flag. Self examination is key. It’s not weird , don’t be ashamed . What’s left is a scar on her cancer free breast , it’s her badge of honor. She’s feminine, strong and proud of her journey. Carma is embarking on radiation next , everyday for 3 months straight. Taking on this task is like preparing for a Spartan race. Hydrate, pushing boundries and rest. Her mind is strong and her determination is even stronger.

Carma has been a Belli Skincare user and what she finds comfort in is her skincare routine will not be compromised. Like many women she developed melasma during pregnancy and has looked for ways to ease it. Insert Belli’s Anti-Blemish facial cleanser. Other areas of concern included crows feet( Eye Brightening Cream), dehydrated skin ( she is a woman of the elements) competing in Spartan races, trails and hiking her skin was exposed to a lot of free radicals. Belli’s Healthy Glow facial Hydrator elevated the dryness she was dealing with due to excessive sweating and drying her skin out. As she now prepares for the biggest hike of her life, Belli Skincare will remain natural, paraben free, and safe to use during her treatment.

If you would like to learn more about self examinations please click the link provided below


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