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Belly Oil Reviews

Find Out Why Our Belly Oil Is a Must Have When Pregnant


Fantastic!! – 8 December, 2015

– Review provided by

8 December, 2015

I used this toward the very end of my pregnancy because I came across a free sample- well I loved the product so much I ended up buying a bottle even though I was in the last weeks! Compared to what I had been using, this product is fantastic! I had just begun having stretch marks around my belly button area, and this product has erased them, and also got rid of any itching skin. The oil also helped with discoloration around where I have an existing belly piercing- not pretty at all-and now it blends in with the surrounding skin color. The smell is great, too. This belly oil will now be my go-to gift list when I hear of an expecting friend!

Belli is the Best!! – 1 October, 2016

– Review provided by

1 October, 2016

I Love their products so much I can't even recommend just one. The ingredients are just what my skin needed to feel better. I've tried everything, hundreds of dollars in Murad, Proactiv, several other prescriptions and they all left my skin with more issues; too dry, oily, and irritated. The acne wash is so refreshing with Green Tea, Lemon, Cucumber and Olive Oil is the perfect light weight hydrator. I rarely ever have to use the spot treatment but the tea tree oil even helps with old marks. My favorites the Eye Brightening lotion, I've struggled with dark eye circles since grade school and now I couldn't get ready without it!! This is the perfect present for all the women I know!

So far, so good – 20 January, 2018

Samantha R. – Review provided by

20 January, 2018

In my first trimester and using this oil early to prevent stretch marks later in pregnancy. It's a bit oily for me so i like to mix it with my regular lotion. The smell is strong (which i usually like) but in the mornings it makes me nauseous. For now i only use the oil in the evenings but plan to use it in the morning and evening once my morning sickness phase passes. Fingers crossed it will prevent stretch marks!

So Happy – 10 May, 2017

jasmine j. – Review provided by

10 May, 2017

I have been using Elasticity Belly Oil Stretchmark Protection twice a day, in the morning and at night, for about two weeks now. Not only has it prevented stretchmarks, it is also starting to fade the ones I already have. I use it all over and it absorbs into my skin right away. I don't have to worry about it getting all over my clothes, it has an amazing smell that lasts all day long, and it keeps my skin smooth. I'm definitely going to order more when I run out!


Really Works – 3 September, 2014

syonatch – Review provided by

3 September, 2014

I usually don't buy pricey cosmetic things but this oil is well worth it. I was worried about getting stretch marks because my mom and sister have them, so I had bought a bottle of this and used it nightly. I hadn't developed any stretch marks. Well, I ran out and thought I'd buy another bottle later if it went on sale. Within a week of not using this oil, I got stretch marks. I immediately bought another bottle and so far haven't gotten any more stretch marks and I'm 8 months pregnant.

I swear by it – 13 November, 2012

GiansMom – Review provided by

13 November, 2012

I was so sure i'll get pregnancy stretchmarks knowing my mom had it, and i have stretchmarks at the side of my thighs and butt while growing as a teenager. I was stressed about getting the inevitable belly stretchmarks so i researched and was willing to spend on something that really works. I did not regret on the Belli Oil at all, i didn't have a single stretchmark. I used it as soon as my pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound, and would rub it once to twice daily on the first 2 trimesters, but at least 2x during the third.Pls pls pls future moms, u deserve to still have a beautiful flawless belly after pregnancy! Don't take chances! I advised a friend and ahe thought she wont have them, but hers appeared at the last weeks of pregnancy.


Oil is lovely but smells WAY TOO STRONG – 20 May, 2016

Holly M. – Review provided by

20 May, 2016

I really like the consistency of this oil and the easy-to-use pump bottle. My BIG complaint is how strongly it smells. Considering many pregnant women become sensitive to smells, I was really surprised by how strongly scented this product is. I would definitely prefer it in an unscented version. I'm having a hard time actually using it due to my sensitivity to the smell, which is so unfortunate!

Excellent Scent and Feel – 20 June, 2014

Nickname – Review provided by Buy Buy Baby

20 June, 2014

I received a sample of this product with my baby registry bag from BBB. I have very sensitive skin and most products either give me a rash or make me itchy. This product has no bad effects on me, and it smells so wonderful. My husband and I both love the smell. It is relaxing and a real lavender smell- it isn't a laboratory simulated smell. The ingredients are all excellent. I bought one bottle for home and one to put in my bag for the hospital. The only thing I don't like about this oil is the price. I would buy it all the time if it were more affordable, but instead, it is a special treat for pregnancy.


Great product, weird smell... – 8 December, 2016

Jenifer O. – Review provided by

8 December, 2016

I used this product throughout my first pregnancy and loved it. I'm expecting again and I'm doing exactly what I did the last time, 2-3 times a day, only this time the Belli elasticity oil is leaving all my clothes smelling like cooking oil. There is no way to get rid of the smell other than getting rid of the clothes.
But hey, I much rather not have stretch marks. I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins and no stretch marks.

This Works! – 15 January, 2016

– Review provided by

15 January, 2016

I have gotten stretch marks in the past (puberty/weight gain) so I was scared my first pregnancy would do the same. I applied this oil 2x a day from around 5 weeks-birth and am very happy! All I've noticed is some of my old stretchmarks started darkening on the edges so I put more oil on them and they never got bigger/faded back, No new marks either! I definitely used it religiously and gained about 40 lbs so I am very happy this worked for me! I loved the smell too.



Skin Prep at its Best – 18 August, 2017

Kristi H. – Review provided by

18 August, 2017

Been loving my Belli Elasticity Belly Oil for keeping my skin soft and moisturizered as I enter my second trimester. It glides on smoothly and despite it being an oil your skin doesn't feel oily as it absorbs right into the skin. The scent is light and I'm so pleased to have found this product - even got one for my best friend!


Belly Oil – 4 August, 2016

Erin N. – Review provided by

4 August, 2016

I've been using this oil for a few weeks now and have been super happy in how well it goes on and how quickly it's absorbed, yet keeps my skin super moisturized. The oil smells so amazing; the lavender is so soothing, especially when applying in the evening. Unlike other products that leave you feeling greasy and rub off on your clothing, I haven't had that experience with this oil. Highly recommend.

Love Belli – 29 January, 2018

Kara S. – Review provided by

29 January, 2018

I purchased Belli elasticity belly oil and have been using it daily throughout my pregnancy. I've purchased several bottles now so I don't run out between orders and I love it. Each bottle has lasted me approximately 1-1.5 months. I'm approximately 8 months pregnant and still no stretch marks.



Love the Product, Hate the Packaging – 19 May, 2009

dharmabummer – Review provided by

19 May, 2009

I love this oil. It smells great and has seriously improved the softness and suppleness of my skin in the past 2 weeks. It is a great product and worth every penny! However, I hate the bottle this product comes in. The spray bottle doesn't spray the oil onto your skin; it shoots a strong stream of oil which bounces off your skin and splatters everywhere. I have to spray the product into my closed fist and then apply the product to my skin. The entire bottle gets coated with oil when you're applying it this way and the bottle becomes very slippery. I've dropped the bottle more than once in the sink due to this problem. Luckily, the glass didn't break. It's very messy and not the ideal application. Maybe I got a defective bottle sprayer? I will definitely try this product again but will buy from a local store so I can return it if I have this problem again.


So far, so good! – 3 November, 2016

Maria A. – Review provided by

3 November, 2016

I had terrible allergies from another belly lotion on top of having skin asthma. It was so bad I was scratching till I got wounds and brown patches. I started using the Belli Elasticity Belly Oil and it healed! I don't know about the stretch marks yet, but they seem to be doing the job. I stopped scratching so much. So far, so good!

Best pregnancy oil – 3 July, 2016

SSpacone – Review provided by

3 July, 2016

I used this for my last pregnancy. Not a single stretch mark. I am now using it again for baby number 2. The smell is a pretty strong lavender scent, but I like it and it is great aromatherapy for trying to fall asleep. Remember this protects against stretch marks, its not going to get rid of them once you have them.

So far, so good, but... – 18 June, 2017

DJ – Review provided by

18 June, 2017

I really am enjoying this product, but I am not in love with the packaging. The oil seems to be leaking out through the bottom, which makes it difficult for storage (not to mention I have lost a lot of product because of this). I can't fully speak to its effectiveness as I am still pregnant, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will help prevent stretch marks!


give it a try – 26 February, 2011

farewelldomino – Review provided by

26 February, 2011

I am generally skeptical of products like this because the experts say that stretchmarks are hereditary and that no topical oil or cream can prevent them. Nevertheless, I bought this on a whim and became a believer. I gave birth to full term twins at 38 weeks and did not get a single stretch mark. One bottle lasted my entire pregnancy and a few weeks into the postpartum period, though I wasn't consistent about applying the product until toward the end of my second trimester. I didn't mind the dispenser. I would simply pump five or six squirts into my palm, rub my hands together, and slather my stomach when I got out of the shower.

Best product out there!! – 1 August, 2016

Erika C. – Review provided by

1 August, 2016

I tried other oils and creams to start and recieved this product in my Bump Box. I am so glad they sent it to me!! This product not only smelled better but it is more effective too. I am 32 weeks with no stretch marks and basically itch free! I put it on right after my shower or any time I start to get itchy and stretchy and it is very soothing. I use the oil in combo with the bath wash and body lotion, perfect!

I have only started using – 20 July, 2017

Kelly S. – Review provided by

20 July, 2017

I have only started using the Elasticity Oil for three weeks. It does not help my previous stretch marks but I ordered it to prevent new ones from appearing. It is too soon to tell if the product does anything as stretchmarks did not appear till my last three weeks of my first pregnancy.


Stretch marks – 8 June, 2017

Bing W. – Review provided by

8 June, 2017

I should have started using belli earlier! I began applying belli elasticity oil when i first started developing stretch marks at around 32 weeks. Since applying diligently, I have gotten very few new stretch marks. Word to the wise - start using belli in your 2nd trimester :)


Hanna H. – Review provided by

12 February, 2018

I purchased Belli oil and used it twice a day. Unlike other body oils for stretch marks, I actually enjoyed the scent. It helped with belly itch as well. I'll continue to use it throughout my pregnancy and hopefully I won't get stretch marks.


Great belly oil! – 19 August, 2017

Marti M. – Review provided by

19 August, 2017

I've used this throughout my second trimester and into my third. I don't have much to compare it to as I'm a FTM, but I've not begun to show stretch marks, my skin has stayed soft, and the oil has definitely cut down on feelings of skin tightness and itchiness.


A lovely treat! – 10 August, 2016

Julia – Review provided by

10 August, 2016

I ordered belli oil after it was recommended to my by other moms. I am newly pregnant and I have sensitive skin. I just love belli oil and it makes for a luxurious nighttime ritual. The lavender scent is gorgeous and the oil is so moisturising and lovely.



Belli oil – 14 March, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

14 March, 2017

I'll have to write a follow up review for the results as I have only been using it for a couple weeks. But I absolutely love the smell! Also I'm finding the oil leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft without being greasybor slippery. I will definitely purchase again.


Belli elasticity oil – 28 February, 2017

Dorothy B. – Review provided by

28 February, 2017

Love this product! Used for my last 2 pregnancies and now for my 3rd! Not one stretch mark, and my last baby was close to 10lbs! It smells pleasant and and feels good on my skin. Would recommend this product to any expecting mother!


Good products, kept me comfortable – 16 June, 2017

Emma P. – Review provided by

16 June, 2017

I used the belli oil and lotion combo during mym pregnancy and while it did not prevent stretch marks, it did help with keeping my skin well moisturizer and comfortable- rarely itched.

LaLaLove – 11 March, 2017

Elizabeth G. – Review provided by

11 March, 2017

I purchased the Belli Elasticity Belly Oil based upon a recommendation and so far I am in love! The scent is mild and comforting and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft- I'll continue to purchase throughout my pregnancy with twins!


AMAZING – 2 April, 2014

New Ma – Review provided by

2 April, 2014

This stuff is amazing! So much better than any other preg oil out there. I have not a single stretch mark from my 8lb baby boy and I'd like to think it was from this oil. I was very sensitive to smells- but this did not bother at all. Not cakey, or watery, it's just perfect!


Pregnancy Must Have – 9 June, 2011

twinzersmum – Review provided by

9 June, 2011

I am in love with Belli. This oil was given to me as a pregnancy gift from my MIL. I trust their high standards in product formulations and the product felt divine. The best news is that even though I was pregnant with twins and gained 80+ pounds I didn't get any stretchmarks. I owe it all to Belli's Elasticity Belly Oil. It's lightweight texture and smell made me feel like I was getting a spa treatment every day.


Belli stretch mark oil – 22 June, 2016

Kim P. – Review provided by

22 June, 2016

The stretch mark oil is great! I love the way it feels on the skin and the smell is wonderful! I am expecting twins and hope it will continue to moisturize my skin to prevent stretch marks.



Feels so good and no stretchmarks! – 7 September, 2017

Maria M. – Review provided by

7 September, 2017

This stuff feels amazing on my skin. I haven't seen any stretch marks come in either (that's probably mostly due to genetics, but this can't hurt!). My only complaint is that there is not much oil in the bottle. So, it's pretty expensive stuff.



Soothing and rich – 8 December, 2017

Elaine K. – Review provided by

8 December, 2017

Oil is super soothing and scent is lovely. I haven’t gotten a stretch mark yet but I’m still early. Regardless it’s a nice soothing feeling on your stretched skin.



absolutely amazing! – 3 August, 2011

lainaj – Review provided by

3 August, 2011

really bad stretch marks run through my family so i wanted a good product to try and minimize the chances...and it worked better then i had hoped! i dont have a single mark on me! at 4.5 months i started using it everyday after i showered and massage my belly skin for a couple 6.5-7 months i used it in the morning and after i showered at night, still making sure to massage...same for the 8th and 9th months but would also add some when my belly felt tight or sore or itchy...also when i would see a redmark starting i would add some and massage the skin in that area and it would be gone the next morning....massaging the skin is very important as it brings blood to the area and nourishes the skin.


Love it! – 25 October, 2011

Vikki06 – Review provided by

25 October, 2011

I have found that the Elasticity Belli Oil does seem to minimize my stretchmarks (and Ive been continuing to apply it, in the attempt to prevent future ones as well). I love the lavender and almond oil scent-- smells heavenly. I have been applying it to my skin after showering--and am eager to try it out as a massage oil too.Im glad I purchased it and Id definitely recommend it to anyone whose looking to improve their skin.


I love the relaxing smell – 31 October, 2011

preggers – Review provided by

31 October, 2011

I bought this product online to use during my pregnancy. I know they say that nothing prevents stretch marks, but I can't resist trying! Before I started using this product my belly was itching pretty bad and the oil has defintely helped with that. Too early to tell on the stretch marks though. I also recieved Bio Oil, but I don't care for the smell.

Anonymous's review – 23 February, 2016

– Review provided by

23 February, 2016

This is a necessity if you are pregnant and want to have your body return to its original state after. I swear by this oil and tell/ purchase it for any friends that get pregnant. I have two children that are almost 4 and 2 and I am one month from the delivery date of my third and still no stretchmarks.

Belly Elasticity Oil – 16 June, 2016

Lauren M. – Review provided by

16 June, 2016

I LOVE the elasticity oil! It goes on so smooth and feels amazing! I used the oil throughout my pregnancy and have no stretch marks. It's still a part of my beauty routine post pregnancy.


It really works! – 18 July, 2011

thinslim – Review provided by

18 July, 2011

I received Belli's Elsaticity Belly Oil as a gift and am impressed at how well it works. My sister got severe stretch marks and I was afraid I would get them--I have used this oil religiously every day through out my pregnancy and so far my skin is stretchmark free--I have 2 weeks left to go and feel like I'm going to pop but my skin has never looked better. Even my OB noticed.


Height hopes – 20 November, 2016

Erin H. – Review provided by

20 November, 2016

It's still too early to tell the results from the oil but so far so good. I like the smell and consistency of the oil. It doesn't show in clothes either! Fingers crossed that it'll also minimize stretch marks!


Best Oil I have Ever Used! – 12 May, 2010

Josiemum – Review provided by

12 May, 2010

My OB-Gyn recommended I use this oil during my pregnancy to help prevent stretchmarks. I was skeptical but I am happy to report I didn't get 1 stretchmark. This is a miracle worker--my mom and sister all got stretchmarks but my skin is blemish free and I can proudly wear a bikini this summer. Smells wonderful too.


Great product! – 20 February, 2018

Jenna A. – Review provided by

20 February, 2018

I have used this product during both of my pregnancies and have experienced great results! The oil is very moisturizing without being greasy. I highly recommend this product.


Have been using oil for – 24 January, 2018

Marc M. – Review provided by

24 January, 2018

Have been using oil for 2 months. Skin is soft and smooth and does not itch. I'm currently 30 weeks and hoping that this keeps the stretch marks away!


Love this Belly Oil – 31 August, 2016

Glenesha A. – Review provided by

31 August, 2016

It works wonders on my skin. It last for the entire day and a good moisturizer for my skin. There is still no stretch mark and i highly recommend this product. A very good buy.


Very comforting oil – 26 February, 2018

a_reea – Review provided by

26 February, 2018

The oil smells very nice and absorbs good. It keeps the skin elastic. I am now in the 7th month of pregnancy and no stretch marks yet!


Works wonderfully! – 1 November, 2016

Lindsay F. – Review provided by

1 November, 2016

I'm using the oil with Belli moisturizer & am really happy. Keeps skin hydrated but isn't greasy, absorbs quickly & has light scent.


Lauren Sheppard's review – 5 March, 2016

– Review provided by

5 March, 2016

So far, so good. I've been using this oil for the majority of my pregnancy. It really helps with the itching that comes with the stretching skin. Works way better than cocoa butter!


Belli Belly Oil – 1 August, 2017

Michelle B. – Review provided by

1 August, 2017

Love this oil. I have tried many different products and this is the only one that I can't live without! It isn't greasy, smells great, and my tummy doesn't itch!


Belli elasticity belli oil – 4 May, 2016

Wendy C. – Review provided by

4 May, 2016

I love this and how it smells and goes on smoothly. I started at 10weeks and it actually lightened my skin where it had darkened. Recommend this definitely


Excellent Oil – 30 August, 2017

Guest – Review provided by

30 August, 2017

The oil seems to keeping the stretch makes at bay. I enjoy the fresh calming lavender scent. So happy I decided to try this product!

Great product – 10 September, 2017

Denisse C. – Review provided by

10 September, 2017

I've been using this product since I found out I was pregnant. It has been great so far. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and no new stretch marks yet!!
The oil has no bad smell and does not stain my clothes (and I use quite a bit of it).


Amazing Belly Oil – 13 February, 2018

Guest – Review provided by

13 February, 2018

My favorite product. Have gone through 4 bottles already at 7 months pregnant! No need stretch marks have appeared (had existing ones).



Nice belly oil, bad dispensing method – 29 January, 2010

927guzz – Review provided by

29 January, 2010

Very nice belly oil. Nice natural mild lavender scent. Feels oily when applied but so far no problems with staining on clothes. Love that it doesn't have any parabans etc... in it. Only complain is that the spray dispenser is not the best way to apply the oil. The spray dispenser is messy and becomes slippery. I ended up having to unscrew the top and pour when using.


2 pregnancies and no stretch marks – 21 March, 2010

drsamster – Review provided by

21 March, 2010

Used with 2 pregnancies and am so glad I did. I always used it after a shower and later in pregnancy also before bed. I now give this oil as a gift to all my pregnant friends; no stretch marks for them either (and one had an almost 10lb baby)! You do need to wait a few minutes to get dressed to avoid oil on clothes, but what a small price to pay for no or fewer stretchmarks.


Love Belli Oil


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