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Ingredient Safety

Belli is Picky about its ingredients, and our purpose is to give you peace of mind.  If you are trying to conceive or are pregnant, you may be concerned about certain chemicals like caffeine that may not be harmful to you but may be questionable for a developing baby. Some common skincare ingredients, like glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide, are similar.*  Because skincare products include so many different ingredients, Belli wants to support expecting and new moms like you by providing skincare products developed with your safety in mind.  Learn why skincare ingredient safety matters.

Unique Ingredient Safety Screening Process

Belli was founded on a unique safety screening process to try and avoid ingredients, synthetic or natural, with known links to birth defects or harmful effects while breastfeeding.  Learn more.

As a result of the unique screening process, here are just a few of the red-flagged ingredients that were excluded from the pregnancy products:*

  • Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Benzoyl Peroxide, common acne-fighting ingredients
  • Oxybenzone, a chemical sunscreen ingredient
  • Aloe Vera, an organic botanical ingredient known for its wound healing and anti-irritant effects
  • Rosemary, an organic herbal ingredient known for its anti-oxidant effect

You probably noticed that some of the above red-flagged ingredients are natural ingredients. The reality is that all-natural does not equal all safe. Poison Ivy and nicotine are natural. Learn More

Allergy Tested

Every Belli product is irritation and allergy tested on human volunteer subjects prior to final approval. We do not test on animals.  Learn More.

Paraben Preservative-Free

Belli does not use paraben preservatives. Paraben preservatives act like the female hormone oestrogen in our bodies. There are some concerns that this may affect our health. In particular, high levels of oestrogen can increase the risk of certain types of cancer.*

No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances

You will enjoy soothing, uplifting, and calming scents as you experience Belli’s luxurious formulations.  These scents are from essential oils like lemon, peppermint, and lavender. Learn More

Made in the USA

Belli is manufactured in Irving, TX.

OB/GYN & Dermatologist Recommended

Belli is proud to be recommended by both OB/GYNs and Dermatologists.


Just in case you have gluten sensitivity, find peace of mind knowing there is not any gluten in Belli products.*

Effective Solutions

We are passionate about ingredient safety.  We are also passionate about products that work. Learn More About Belli’s Effective Solutions


*Data on File



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