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Picky for A Purpose

Belli ® is picky about its ingredients, and our purpose is to give you peace of mind.

The average woman uses more than 200 ingredients on her skin each day.  Belli wants to provide all women, especially expecting and nursing moms, a brand they can trust and use with confidence.

Here’s how we’re picky:

·         Allergy Tested

·         No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances

·       No Phthalates

·       No Paraben Preservatives

·         Not Tested on Animals

·       Gluten-free

Often, our customers want to know if all of our ingredients are natural. The answer is no. We love natural ingredients and use them as often as possible. The truth is that some natural ingredients and some synthetic ingredients did not meet the higher safety standards by our founders. The ingredients in Belli products were carefully selected based upon medical research to provide you with luxurious, effective, and safe skincare.

Learn more about our ingredient safety screening process.


Picky For A Purpose


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