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Belli Elasticity Belly Oil

Size: 3.8 oz

Availability: In stock

SKU: BEL0064
UPC: 7 92734 30031 9

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  • Review by cbee
    3 out of 5

    For those of you with sensitive pregnancy sniffers beware!

    I can't speak to how well this product works as I have only been using it a short time, I am early in my pregnancy therefore I cannot tell how this works on stretch marks. I will say for this being a product for pregnant women it sure does smell awfully strong. Some days I can't stomach using it because the smell stays with me. It's a lovely smell don't get me wrong, and I haven't even had morning sickness but the strength of the smell is so bothersome I don't want to put it on which is a bummer because I'm sure it does help if you use it properly.

  • Review by Chelsea
    5 out of 5


    I used this toward the very end of my pregnancy because I came across a free sample- well I loved the product so much I ended up buying a bottle even though I was in the last weeks! Compared to what I had been using, this product is fantastic! I had just begun having stretch marks around my belly button area, and this product has erased them, and also got rid of any itching skin. The oil also helped with discoloration around where I have an existing belly piercing- not pretty at all-and now it blends in with the surrounding skin color. The smell is great, too. This belly oil will now be my go-to gift list when I hear of an expecting friend!

  • Review by Jacklynn
    4 out of 5

    Jacklynn's review

    I am 7 months pregnant and started using this about a month ago and so far have no stretch marks. It's a spray form so it's easy to apply, but takes awhile to absorb into your skin.

  • Review by
    5 out of 5

    Lisa 's review

    Great product, nice smell and smooth on your skin. Used for my first pregnancy and again for my second.

  • Review by
    5 out of 5

    Anonymous's review

    Bought this product for a baby shower gift a couple years ago and while at a girls night she was raving about how good it was to another friend who is about to have a baby. The fact that all the ingredients are few and safe, this is a awesome product for todays chemical filled market.

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